New Read: Sacrifice


On my long weekend break with my mother in the New Forest the rain continued to fall which meant we opted to stay in. I was happy to lose myself in the exotic world of Sacrifice by Tara Maya the third instalment of The Unfinished Song series. This is a darker fantasy series I started reading last year but until January, where I read the second instalment Taboo, I seemed to have forgotten all about. I am very glad this is a series I have rekindled my interest in.

Sacrifice is the third instalment of The Unfinished Song series. This post may contain spoilers for the previous instalments.

Sacrifice continues to follow the lives of the young Dindi and Kavio. The peace party led by Kavio has returned from the Blue Water clanhold miserably unsuccessful, only to find while they have been away there has been a coop. This coop has seen the over throw of the war chief Hertio who gave Kavio his position of power, to be replaced by Kavio’s enemy Vultho. Kavio now finds himself back in the middle of the dangerous political and power struggle of the Yellow Bear clan. Meanwhile Dindi has returned to find that she has her own problems as the initiates struggle for power within the lower mob of the clan. In the midst of all this Dindi and Kavio are still meeting secretly so Kavio can teach Dindi the magical dances of the Tavaedi. A secret which if it came out could mean the forfeit of both their lives.

Dindi and Kavio both continued to narrate the majority of Sacrifice which I prefer because I feel they are both like-able characters. It also means we get to hear from a male and female, and higher and lower status perspectives. Maya also included the voices of Brenna a female Tavaedi dancer from the Yellow Bear clan, her daughter Gwenika an initiate training to be a healer, and Rthan of the Blue Water clan a former prisoner of the Yellow Bear clan. I really liked the addition of these narrators because I thought they brought different dimensions to the story.

I love the setting of The Unfinished Song. Unlike a lot of fantasy this series is not set in a medieval setting instead Maya based her writing on a Polynesian myth and choose a stone age style setting for it all. I think the concept of faeries, magic, warriors, clans, hut villages, tradition, canoes and stone monuments all works perfectly together. While reading the previous instalment Taboo I sadly found I was broken out of my magical revery now and again by the use of language I felt was a little modern for the setting. I am really pleased to inform you I had no such problem in this instalment. The style, language, and story flowed really well for me.

Sacrifice was a thoroughly enjoyable dark fantasy adventure which I couldn’t put down. I recommend The Unfinished Song series to those interested in darker fantasy. There is violent and sexual content in this series so not recommended for younger readers. I would really like to read the fourth instalment of the series Root just need to get my hands on a copy!

I received a free copy of Sacrifice from the author in return for my honest opinion.

Are you reading The Unfinished Song series? Are you a fan of dark fantasy?

Previous instalments of The Unfinished Song series:
1. Initiate
2. Taboo


2 thoughts on “New Read: Sacrifice

  1. Glad it’s still good, and especially that there were no word choice issues this time! I love dark fantasy, there’s something about them that pulls you in. I like it when authors use a darker take of something usual or well-known (a bit like Burton’s Alice in Wonderland).

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