New Read: Wing


Tara Maya’s The Unfinished Song is a dark fantasy series I started reading last year but until January this year I seemed to have forgotten all about it. This year I have been making up for that in earnest. I have polished off the second, third, and fourth instalments already. I was ever so lucky to get my hands on more instalments straight away. So no need for me to wait long till I reached for Wing the fifth instalment from the series which was waiting for me on my Kindle. I am very glad this is a series I have rekindled my interest in.

Wing is the fifth instalment of The Unfinished Song series. This post may contain spoilers for the previous instalments.

Wing continues to follow the exciting, dangerous, and unpredictable life of the young woman Dindi. The dark and dangerous man in black Umbral has brought death and war raining down upon Dindi, her kinsman, and their hosts the Green Wood clan. During the chaos of the battle Umbral takes his opportunity to kidnap Dindi. Unlike everybody else Umbral can sense Dindi’s true power and fears it. He believes he must kill her to protect the world from the possible return of her powerful ancestors the Aelfaere. To Dindi’s horror she finds her kidnapper has assumed the face of her lover Kavio after murdering him. But more than Kavio’s face may have been transferred as Umbral starts to feel himself warming to Dindi. He decides to spare her life in return for her dancing visions for him. Together they are to travel to the Orange Canyon clan to find the White Lady the last Aelfaere. Umbral to defeat her. Dindi to help her.

Unlike previous instalments Wing was predominantly narrated by the protagonists Dindi and Umbral. Previous to this it had been Dindi and Kavio. I mentioned how I was missing the presences of Kavio in Root the fourth instalment, so imagine my dismay now he had died. That said however Umbral is an interesting character. Especially because after killing Kavio he can take on his face but not only that he has also assumed some of Kavio’s powers and perhaps personality too. Maya also again included the voices of Kemla and Tamio two ambitious Tavaedi dancers who have a bit of sexual tension going on. As well as the White Lady (Vessia) past and present as she has been the captive of the Orange Canyon clan before. There is also Finnadro a warrior from the Green Wood clan who sets off after the battle to rescue both Dindi and the White Lady. I really liked the addition of these narrators because I thought they brought different dimensions and perspectives to the story.

I love the setting of The Unfinished Song. Unlike a lot of fantasy this series is not set in a medieval setting instead Maya based her writing on a Polynesian myth and choose a stone age style setting for it all. I think the concept of faeries, magic, warriors, clans, hut villages, tradition, canoes and stone monuments all works perfectly together. Other than a few typos I thought Maya’s style, language, and story flowed really well and I didn’t notice the use of any too modern sounding language to break me out from my magical revelry.

Wing was a thoroughly enjoyable dark fantasy adventure which I couldn’t put down. I recommend The Unfinished Song series to those interested in darker fantasy. There is violent and sexual content in this series so not recommended for younger readers. I have the next instalment Blood waiting for me on my kindle. I can’t wait to read it.

I received a free copy of Wing from the author in return for my honest opinion.

Are you reading The Unfinished Song series? Are you a fan of dark fantasy?

Previous instalments of The Unfinished Song series:
1. Initiate
2. Taboo
3. Sacrifice
4. Root


2 thoughts on “New Read: Wing

    1. Nikki-Ann I’ve surprised myself with how many instalments I’ve read this year! Especially as I only read one last year. The more I’ve read, the more I want to read. Plus each instalment is a nice novella length.

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