New Read: Blood


Tara Maya’s The Unfinished Song is a dark fantasy series I started reading last year but until January this year I seemed to have forgotten all about it. This year I have been making up for that in earnest. I have polished off four instalments. I was ever so lucky to get my hands on several instalments at once which meant it wasn’t long before I reached for Blood the sixth instalment from the series that was waiting for me on my Kindle. I am very glad this is a series I rekindled my interest in.

Blood is the sixth instalment of The Unfinished Song series. This post may contain spoilers for the previous instalments.

Blood continues to follow the exciting, dangerous, and unpredictable life of the young woman Dindi. Umbral the Deathsworn and Dindi arrive too late to the stronghold of the Orange Canyon clan to stop the clan’s leader Xerpen, with the help of the White Lady, from bringing five of their Aelfaere brethren back to life. Umbral and Dindi are both captured on their arrival, and fair very different fates. Dindi because of her Aelfaere ancestry is reluctantly taken under the wing of the White Lady but is aware of an ever present threat from Xerpen; who seems to be able to sense her true power. While Umbral is thrown to Finnadro the henchman of the Green Lady who is charged with making Umbral denounce the Aelfaere traitor who is helping Lady Death. As Xerpen’s full dark plans start to reveal themselves though they all start to realise they may have been fighting the wrong enemy all along.

Blood like the previous instalment Wing is predominantly narrated by the protagonists Dindi and Umbral. Dindi is as likeable as ever especially now she is starting to grow as a woman into her true potential. Umbral on the other hand is an interesting character although not necessarily as easy to like.  Maya again included other voices which this time included Kemla and Tamio two ambitious Tavaedi, the White Lady (Vessia), Xerpen the leader of Orange Clan, Finnadro a warrior from the Green Wood clan, and Vio the leader of the Rainbow Labyrinth clan who has come in search of his wife the White Lady. I really like Maya’s use of additional narrators during each instalment because I think they bring different dimensions and perspectives to the overall story.

I love the setting of The Unfinished Song. Unlike a lot of fantasy this series is not set in a medieval setting instead Maya based her writing on a Polynesian myth and choose a stone age style setting for it all. I think the concept of faeries, magic, warriors, clans, hut villages, tradition, canoes and stone monuments all works perfectly together. Each clan and land has it own colour, style, and traditions which Maya has introduced and revealed to us through the series. I think Maya’s style, language, and story flowed really well but I did notice a little use of language I thought was a little modern for the setting. Not much though and nothing major enough to break me out of my magical revelry. I can’t wait for the next instalment to be released!

Blood was a thoroughly enjoyable dark fantasy adventure which I couldn’t put down. I recommend The Unfinished Song series to those interested in darker fantasy. There is violent and sexual content in this series so not recommended for younger readers. I am rather sad I don’t have another instalment to move onto straight away.

I received a free copy of Blood from the author in return for my honest opinion.

Are you reading The Unfinished Song series? Are you a fan of dark fantasy?

Previous instalments of The Unfinished Song series:
1. Initiate
2. Taboo
3. Sacrifice
4. Root
5. Wing


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