New Read: City of Ashes

City of Ashes

December has been an extremely busy time for me. What with college work and review dates, school play, carol service and end of term fun and of course getting ready for Christmas! When I have had time for reading I have wanted something easy to escape into. That is why I reached for City of Ashes the second instalment of The Mortal Instruments series which was lent to me by a family friend (who has already read the whole series).

City of Ashes is the second instalment of The Mortal Instruments series. This post may contain spoilers for the previous instalments.

City of Ashes continues to follow Clarissa Fray better known as Clary to her friends and family. Clary’s world has been turned upside down not only has she had to come to terms with the fact that werewolves, vampires, fairies and demons are real but also the fact she is descended from powerful Shadowhunters; a race created from the blood of angels to defend and keep the world in order from demons. Clary and her friends have barely started to heal from their last deadly battle when Clary’s estranged father Valentine returns with another hideous scheme to gain power and rid the world of Downworlders for good. If that wasn’t bad enough Jace has come to the notice of the Inquisitor who is convinced he is a spy for Valentine. So City of Ashes was another good magical adventure to get myself lost in.

Clary the main protagonist of this series is a shy, petite, artistic and awkward teenager. This hasn’t changed much with the discovery that she, her mother, father and brother are all powerful Shadowhunters. Clary through out this book is trying to come to terms with her power and some very awkward truths. Her best friend Simon is still madly in love with her (although she isn’t oblivious to it now at least). Simon has changes of his own to come to terms with though in this book. Then we still have the mysterious, brooding and drop dead gorgeous Jace a skilled Shadowhunter also with a lot to work out. There is still the love triangle in this book but since the shocking revelation at the  end of City of Bones this takes on a whole new element. I think all the characters in City of Ashes had quite a lot of changes and growing up to go through. This made me like them a whole lot more.

Cassandra Clare was a new author for me in 2013 City of Ashes is only the second book of Clare’s I have read. Unlike my brother who has devoured both of Clare’s series The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. Like the previous instalment I found City of Ashes to be well written, fast paced, and a real page turner once you got into the main action of the book. I am pleased to say I saw a lot of changes and growth in the characters turning them from two-dimensional characters to one’s I really could like and believe in. For that reason I enjoyed City of Ashes much more than City of Bones.

City of Ashes is a fun and easy to read urban fantasy adventure. I recommend if you are a fan of young adult novels. I have City of Glass the third instalment of The Mortal Instruments waiting for me on my bookshelf. I am looking forward to starting it.

Are you reading this series? Are you a fan of urban fantasy?

Previous instalments of The Mortal Instruments series:
1. City of Bones


4 thoughts on “New Read: City of Ashes

  1. I really enjoyed these first three books. I’ve also read some of the others (is it the Clockwork Devices?) but wasn’t as keen – well, I thought the first one was okay but then it sort of went down hill a bit for me. If I was to try and figure out why I think I’d have to say that it felt a bit ‘samey’ as the first series. (Because I’m articulate like that!)
    Lynn 😀

    1. Lynn I believe the other series is called The Infernal Devices I know my brother has read all them too. My friend has the first book from that series now. I wouldn’t imagine it’ll be long till she’s finished it and passes it on to me. ‘Samey’ is a perfectly acceptable adjective in my world everyone will know what you mean by that 😛

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