Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

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Hello my fellow bookworms, Happy New Year! It is time to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. Looking over my end of year reading stats I have much to be pleased with:

Books Read: 56           New Reads: 52              Re-Reads: 4

Fiction: 35                Non-Fiction: 20              Poetry: 1

In 2013 I finished 73 books so I am down this year. I think quite a lot of my losses can be put down to my college course. For which I read a fair amount of text books, reports and articles rather than books for pleasure. With 20 non-fictions read I can safely say I reached my goal to continue reading more non-fiction. My re-reads and multiple reads are down on last year though.

Multiple Reads of an Author: Cassandra Clare (3), Stormie Omartian (3), Terry Pratchett (3), C S Lewis (2), George R R Martin (2), Colleen Oakes (2).

Now for some fun meme questions I have used since I started this blog many moons ago to help me reflect on what I’ve been reading in 2014:

Best: I couldn’t possibly pick just one: Top 10 Reads of 2014

Most Surprising (In A Good Way!): Just After Sunset by Stephen King

Most Recommended-to-Others: The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien

Best Series You Discovered: Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes

Favourite New Authors Discovered: Colleen Oakes and Elizabeth Fremantle

Most Hilarious: Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett

Most Thrilling, Unputdownable: A Storm of Swords, Book 1 and 2 by George R R Martin

Most Anticipated: City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

Favourite Cover: The Beautiful and Damned by F Scott Fitzgerald

Most Memorable Character: Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien

Most Beautifully Written: Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? by Jeanette Winterson

Had the Greatest Impact: Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful by Laurie Wallin

Can’t Believe You Waited Until 2014 to Read: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum

This year I didn’t find it too difficult to pick one or two for each category but. there are as usual plenty more wonderful authors and books that I read in 2014 which didn’t manage to make it into this meme.

Ambitions for 2014: I hope to continue to make good progress through my Classics Club list. I would also like to make more time for re-reads and favourite authors.

How was 2014 for you? What are your aims for 2015?


18 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

  1. Amazing stats! I have to echo Deaweh, ‘Can’t Believe You Waited Until 2014 to Read’ is a great one and I like the way you worded it, too. I’ve been impressed for some time by your dedication to your classics club list. I think you’ll make steady this year for sure 🙂

    1. Thank you Charlie 🙂 I am really pleased with my progress through my Classics Club list. I am currently on my 27th read off my list with my 3 year milestone coming up in March; would be great to reach 30 by then!

  2. A good year of reading! I like your meme questions – The Wizard of Oz has been on my TBR lists for ever, or so it seems – although I do know the story from the film,and I see from your review that there are differences between the two. I really must get round to reading it sometime!

    1. Thank you Margaret. My questions are just edited to suit me from pre-existing meme questions so I can’t take the full credit 🙂 I hope you have time to read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 2015.

    1. Cheryl, I have chosen Pratchett several times for this category too 🙂 I also felt the same as you about the title of Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful. It caught my attention I had to read it. It is a Christian non-fiction about being yourself.

  3. Hi, Jessica,
    I like this meme format a lot. Your stats are impressive and fun. I’m glad you discovered great reads in 2014. Hope the trend continues.
    Happy New Year 2015!

  4. This was such an inspiration to get started on my 2015 reading list. You gave me a great idea to focus on the “cant believe you waited until 2015 to read” list. I’m also going to focus on reading authors of different ethnicities. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello Deaweh, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is always lovely to hear from a new face. I am really pleased to hear this post has inspired you to start thinking about your 2015 reading 🙂

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