New Read: Beautiful Attitudes

Beautiful Attitudes

As a practicing Christian I like to read Christian literature to help with the growth of my faith and to hear what other Christians have to say. After finishing The Ancient Path by John Michael Talbot I chose Beautiful Attitudes: Living out the Christian Manifesto by Scott Evans from my Kindle to-be-read folder.

In the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ Jesus shared his revolutionary ideas, values and teachings. These were to be some of the founding beliefs of the disciples and the new Christian followers, and those that were to follow them. In Beautiful Attitudes Evans discusses the set of teachings called the Beatitudes which Jesus began the sermon with in more detail and tries to relate them to life today.

Beautiful Attitudes is the first book I have read by Scott Evans; he is not an author I had heard of before. My attention was brought to this work when I saw it offered for free on Amazon. I thought Beautiful Attitudes was well written and interesting with a nice mixture of references and personal stories. I found it a comforting read and it did help reinforce some thoughts I have had myself. I did not find it as profound or as challenging as some of my previous Christian reads.

Beautiful Attitudes is an interesting look into the relevance of the Beatitudes in our lives as modern Christians. You may enjoy this if you are interested in Christian non-fiction. Okay read.

Have you read this? Or other work about the Beatitudes?


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