Adaptations: April 2015 (1)


I absolutely love adaptations. I know this can sometimes be a controversial subject with book lovers but not for me. I think my real love of them came from my time studying performance at university. There I became fascinated with taking a story and telling it through a different medium; whether that be book, film, TV, or on the stage.

Here are the adaptations I watched over the Easter bank holiday in April:

Emma (2009)          Read     TV Series     Television
Four part BBC costume drama based on the classic novel by Jane Austen. I had fond memories of this from when it was first aired and was happy to find it was still as delightful as I remember. Sumptuous costumes and settings, and a wonderful cast including Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller. Perfect for a drizzly Good Friday afternoon. Great watch.

Sense and Sensibility (2008)          Read     TV Series     Television
Three part BBC costume drama based on the classic novel by Jane Austen which I seem to have missed as it was first aired while I was in my final year at university. This was being shown on the same drizzly Good Friday. Again sumptuous costumes and settings, and a wonderful cast. Some changes and additions have been made to story and characters. I don’t feel it quite surpassed the 1995 film but still a Great watch.

Divergent (2014)          Not Read     Film     DVD
Dystopian, action drama based on the young adult novel by Veronica Roth. I was lent this on DVD by a friend to catch up so we can go see the sequel together. I must admit this was much better than I thought it would be. Great special effects, interesting plot and characters, and it was rather amusing in parts too. Good watch.

King of Kings (1961)          Read     Film     Television
Biblical drama following the life of Jesus inspired by the New Testament of the Bible. I think the makers took some artistic licence with the costumes and character profiles however they picked some beautiful and moving quotes from Jesus, and there was even some witty moments too. This was perfect to settle down to after lunch on Easter Sunday. Good watch.

Insurgent (2015)          Not Read     Film     Cinema
Dystopian, action drama based on the young adult novel by Veronica Roth; sequel to Divergent (2014). I think this lost some of the impetus of the first film but it still had great special effects, interesting plot and characters, and some amusing parts too. Ended on something of a cliff hanger. Sadly got to a wait a year now for the next film fortunately my friend has lent me the books. Good watch.

The Ark (2015)          Read     TV Film     Television
Biblical BBC drama based on the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ from the Old Testament of the Bible. An interesting retelling with in-depth characters played by a great ensemble cast, with special effects, and beautiful cinematography. Really made my father and me think. Great watch.

To have watched six highly entertaining adaptations and we’re not even two weeks into April I think is amazing. The Easter bank holiday really was a bumper time for me. I look forward to what else I manage to watch this month.

Have you watched any of these? What have you been watching?


6 thoughts on “Adaptations: April 2015 (1)

  1. I agree with you about Divergent; I really liked it. I haven’t watched Insurgent yet.
    I have only watched Ang Lee’s adaptation of Sense and Sensibility (1995) so I have nothing to compare it with, but for me that was perfection. I have all Jane Austen novels adapted by the BBC in DVD, I have to watch those at some point.
    Have you watched the TV series The Bible? I found it amazing (well made overall) and true to the spirit of the scriptures.

    1. Carmen, I too love Ang Lee’s 1995 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility and while this newer one was a great watch it hasn’t taken the place in my heart of the film. Sadly I haven’t watched The Bible but I have heard good things about it. I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it so much. It sounds like something I would enjoy I will have to look out for a way to watch it. I hope you enjoy Insurgent when you are able to watch it 🙂

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