New Read: Insurgent


Earlier this year I read and enjoyed Divergent by Veronica Roth; the 1st book in Roth’s dystopian, young adult series. At the beginning of August I picked up the 2nd book, Insurgent, to continue reading the series. (This post may contain spoilers for the previous book).

Insurgent returns us to post-apocalyptic Chicago, USA which, for many generations, has been ruled by a faction system based on traits. Abnegation for selflessness, Amity for peace, Candor for honesty, Dauntless for bravery, and Erudite for intelligence. This system has been thrown into chaos though after a devastating attack on Abnegation. It is now Erudite’s mission to hunt down all divergents, those that have an aptitude for more than one faction, and to control information that they feel is dangerous for the general populace to know.

This is an emotionally charged and guilt ridden, roller coaster ride for our protagonist Tris. She finds it very hard to come to terms with the death of loved ones and those she was forced to kill, while trying to stop the attack on Abnegation. To make matters worse Tris and her Dauntless friends are now homeless. Half of Dauntless are helping Erudite leaving the other half to seek refuge with Amity and Candor. Not knowing what is the best course of action and who they can trust. Tris is a strong and kind character but her guilt and pain are now making her confused and reckless in her actions and decisions.

I thought this was another taut and immersive adventure, set in a well written and visualised dystopian world. I feared that without the initiation process Roth might lose some of the tension and pace. This was happily an unfounded fear. Roth kept the pace fast and the tension high as Tris and her friends are chased by the Erudite from one faction to another. Which also gave us a good opportunity to find out more about how Amity, Candor and the factionless live. This chase and uncertainty puts Tris, her friendships, and her love interest with Tobias under considerable strain. Making this is a darker read with a touch of teen angst.

Insurgent was another taut and fast read for me. I look forward to reading Allegiant next. I recommend to those who enjoy dystopian, young adult novels. Good read.

Have you read this? Or watched the films? Do you enjoy dystopian novels and films?

10 Books of Summer – 4/10


9 thoughts on “New Read: Insurgent

  1. I read Divergent and enjoyed it – also saw the film but for some reason never moved forward with the series. I think it was simply a matter of time to be honest.
    Lynn 😀

  2. Saw the first film, not yet the second. I liked the first a lot, particularly for Theo James. I haven’t read the trilogy; I never seem to read the books movies are based on. Where have I been?!

    1. Carmen, to be fair where have we both been?! I watched two of the films before I even thought about reading the books. If you liked Theo James in the first film. I am pretty sure you’ll like the second film too 🙂

    1. Anthony pleased to hear you enjoyed the first two books, but you’ve made me a little worried about the 3rd! I hope it doesn’t let me down, like the 3rd book of The Hunger Games did.

      1. I actually did enjoy Mockingjay… But anyway Allegiant is really tricky depending on what you look for in a book. I’ll just tell you one thing, do NOT read any reviews of it on Goodreads or any place before reading it yourself and making your own opinion of it because 1) even though it says there are no spoilers, you automatically guess what happens and 2) they make you have a distorted opinion while reading. So dont make my mistake ^_^’ but i hope you enjoy it!

          1. Me too! I always feel like the first book of every series is the best, because the author has a completely clean palette. Except of course for Harry Potter where all the books are even better than the last.

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