New Read: George Washington

George Washington

In 2013 I collected twenty-one and read six of Mark Black’s A Very Brief History series; while I have enjoyed these I sadly only read one in 2014. I decide to remedy this in 2015. George Washington is my 3rd from this series, this year.

Before reading this I knew George Washington was an American president, and well, that was pretty much it! So while this was only a brief history. I actually found myself learning a lot! Black does discuss a bit of Washington’s education, marriage and plantation. However the bulk of the history was his military and later his political career. His military career began as a British officer in a local militia in the French and Indian War . Later after British laws harmed his business he became the Commander-in-Chief  to the Continental army fighting his former British colleagues in the American Revolution. With his military background you could be forgiven for thinking he would have been an aggressive president. Instead he was keen to keep the newly forming country out of war. Working hard to keep peace with the French, British and Spanish.

I am glad I discovered Mark Black and his A Very Brief History series back in 2013; because I’m not sure I would have picked up a full history of Washington. This was a good, clear and concise introduction for me which is broken down into easy bite-size chapters. On Washington’s family history, education, military career, life outside the army, the American Revolution and war, his time as president, his resignation, and finally his death and funeral. I warn you now though if you already know something of Washington or American history I doubt you will learn anything from this. I recommend to those, like me, who know little to nothing.

George Washington was another quick, easy read for me. I polished a couple of chapters off each night before bed. I have eleven more editions from this series still to go. Okay read.

Have you read any book about George Washington?


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