Goodbye September, Hello October 2015

September 2015

Hello my fellow bookworms, I hope you are all well? September has just flown by for me and the weather has dramatically cooled; no gradual transition into autumn for us! Which has seen me suffering with sinus problems and the sniffles. On the other hand I have loved making soup, and getting my comfortable boots and my favourite scarves back out.

September has also seen the start of the new school year. The children I support have made a positive start to year 6 and while it is very busy I am enjoying my work. In the cooling evenings I have been curling up in a blanket to enjoy a good book and some great adaptations.

Fiction: 3     Non-Fiction: 2     Poetry: 0

The start of autumn always sees me pining for more gothic and mysterious books, which makes the R.I.P event perfect for me. First up was the Sherlock Holmes adventure The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle; my result for The Classics Club’s last spin feature. Followed by The Raven’s Head by Karen Maitland a dark, historical tale with a supernatural twist. To lighten the mood I also enjoyed a comforting re-read of Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett.

Alongside these fictions I also read two Christian non-fictions. First I read The Faith of a Mockingbird by Matt Rawle; an instalment from a new Bible series looking into books, movies, TV shows, music and pop culture. Then I read What’s So Great About the Doctrines of Grace? by Richard D Phillips; my full thoughts still to be posted.

Pick of the Month: Wyrd Sisters

Considering I started back at work this month I am really pleased I still completed 5 books. During the month I also continued reading Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson for The Classics Club, and continued my R.I.P reading with Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart.

In October, as the dark nights draw in, I am looking forward to snuggling up of an evening with more suitably gothic and mysterious books and adaptations.

What did you do and read in September? Any plans for October?


11 thoughts on “Goodbye September, Hello October 2015

  1. I haven’t read any Terry Prachett, but I know a friend of mine received Wyrd Sisters as a birthday present one year and really enjoyed it so I must sort it out

  2. The weather is getting cooler here and my whole family has the sniffles too. They’re no fun 😦

    Sounds like you had a very pleasant September! I read a lot this month. No special plans for October really, except maybe reading a couple horror books for Halloween 🙂

    1. Geoff, I hope you enjoy your soups and slow cooker meals. I really need to dust down my slow cooker, as I’ve never used it in anger! I do have some leek and potato soup cooking away. I am getting hungry smelling it 🙂

  3. Hi Jessica sorry you’re having the sniffles. It’s an odd time of year weather wise! You had a good month though and you’re still reading your classics book. I’m doing very badly! I need to change my list. I was considering including a few rereads to see how i feel about those books now.

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