Guest Post: The People the Fairies Forget

Guest Post

I am pleased to welcome Cheryl Mahoney back to my blog for the third time. I don’t usually host guest posts but I always make a special exception for Cheryl; a fellow book blogger at Tales of the Marvelous, and the author of The Wanderers and The Storyteller and Her Sisters. Take it away Cheryl…

I had a lot of fun in this book playing with traditional fairy tale characters—which I hope readers will enjoy too! There are certain charactersThe People the Fairies Forget we all know, and have all seen portrayed in a variety of books and movies, and there are recognizable things about them. I decided to take some of those characteristics and features to their logical, but absurd, extreme!

The Good Fairy or Fairy Godmother – Readers of my last two books have already met Marjoram, a certified Good Fairy. We learn much more about just what that means here, and see Marj wreak quite a bit of havoc. I noticed in the original fairy tales that the “good” fairies can be awfully overpowering with their spells, and very ruthless towards people who aren’t their chosen ones to help. Many fairy tales feature extreme punishments in the name of justice, and sometimes even the efforts to “help” seem questionable! In The People the Fairies Forget, we get the story from Tarry, who has known Marj for centuries and knows all about her more ruthless side. And then, of course, I also just have enormous fun making Marj an extreme Good Fairy in appearance—pink and sparkly and shedding glitter everywhere she goes!

Sleeping Beauty – We all know that Sleeping Beauty received a number of fairy gifts at her christening, gifts that give her talents or change her appearance—or, like “an angelic disposition,” would actually change her personality! My Sleeping Beauty is only a very minor character in the story, and I went a sadder direction with her. Tarry has the ability to read people’s auras to learn something about who they are, but in the case of Princess Rosaline, who she really is is hopelessly obscured by all the characteristics put on her by her christening gifts.

Prince Charming – I have never understood why Cinderella’s prince had to find her by trying a shoe on girls, instead of actually, you know, asking for her by name. So my Prince Roderick is a play on that issue—he’s hopelessly self-absorbed and never bothers to ask or remember anyone’s name. He has to find Cinderella with the shoe because he doesn’t remember anything else about her! And when confronted with someone who doesn’t want to marry him, he finds this utterly incomprehensible.

I’ll tell you a minor secret—Roderick’s role ended up growing in this novel, mostly because I was so enjoying writing him. I hope readers feel that way about reading him!

Thank you Cheryl for another interesting post. I loved your previous books and can’t wait to read your new one! The People the Fairies Forget is now available at Amazon UK, Amazon US and Smashwords.


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