Challenge: R.I.P X Wrap Up

R.I.P X Image

(Image used with permission, property of Abigail Larson)

Hello my fellow bookworms, I think I could have blinked and missed the last two months. Scarily the 31st October is already upon us and that means the end of R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril X, hosted by Andi and Heather of The Estella Society. I signed up for Peril the First level, which means I was aiming to read 4 books for the event. Here’s what I managed to read:

  1. The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle – a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery. A fascinating and comforting read which I just flew through.
  2. The Raven’s Head by Karen Maitland – a dark and atmospheric historical tale with a supernatural twist. A little too dark for me I was hoping my next read would be a little lighter.
  3. Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart – a nostalgic suspense set in the beautiful Austrian mountains, just the lighter mystery I was hoping for.
  4. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle – another classic, and perhaps the most famous, Sherlock Holmes mystery. My full thoughts still to be posted.

I am really pleased to have finished the 4 books I hoped to read. I have also started reading mysterious Lamp Black, Wolf Grey by Paula Brackston. Although I didn’t sign up for the Peril on the Screen level I did watch Midwinter of the Spirit (2015) a new supernatural-drama which was perfect for this event.

Did you take part in R.I.P X? What did you read? Did you have a favourite read?


10 thoughts on “Challenge: R.I.P X Wrap Up

  1. Well done! You did better than me this year – I was hoping to read four books too but only managed to read three. My favourite was Footsteps in the Dark by Georgette Heyer.

    1. Thank you Helen 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed your Georgette Heyer read, I haven’t read anything by her, and 3 books finished still sounds good to me. To be honest I squeezed in my 4th book near the end of the challenge.

  2. Well done Jessica. I sort of participated, ahem, in thought. I read a few books but I never got round to posting them at the Estella blog! I feel like the past month has run away with me.
    I’m looking forward to your Baskerville review.
    Lynn 😀

  3. Sounds like you had a good RIP! I read a few books, but not as many as I had hoped. The new ones were both excellent — Girl Waits with Gun and The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse — and I also enjoyed finishing my reread of Joan Aiken’s Wolves Chronicles. Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you Lory, I had a fun time taking part in R.I.P again this year. Sounds like you read some great books too. I would love to read The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse and re-read The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken.

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