New Read: Better Relationships, Better Life

Better Relationships, Better Life

As a practicing Christian I am always on the look out for interesting Christian non-fiction to help me grow in my faith. I decided to give Better Relationships, Better Life by Pam Ovwigho a go as I think we all wish for better relationships, whether that’s with spouses, partners, friends and family.

I have never read anything by Pam Ovwigho before. I do not know if she has written any other books however her day job is as an executive director of scheme to encourage bible engagement In this book, using the timeless insights and wise counsel of Colossians 3, Ovwigho aims to show how through forgiveness, communication, and a strong desire to  change things; any relationship can improve. However if we continue to focus on other’s faults and are not prepared to change ourselves things will never get better.

This book is broken down into chapters focused on relationships with church members, work colleagues, friends, family and spouses. As I am not married and don’t have children some of the chapters weren’t that relevant to me. I enjoyed and found the other chapters interesting though. I particularly liked the relationship examples Ovwigho used to highlight what was done wrong and what could have been done instead. My only criticism would be that I would have preferred the book to be a bit longer and more detailed, so really I just wanted a bit more! What I will really take away from this book is the importance of the Christian virtues of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience and forgiveness.

Better Relationships, Better Life was a quick, interesting and helpful read. I would be interested to read more in this area. Okay read.

Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Have you read this? Have you read anything about better relationships?


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