New Read – Bringing Narnia Home

Bringing Narnia Home

Earlier this year I read Devin Brown’s biography Tolkien and while I thought it was interesting it wasn’t quite the book for me. However I received a copy of another of Brown’s books, Bringing Narnia Home, at the same time. I love Narnia just as much as Middle-Earth. I picked this up hoping it would suit me better.

Unlike my previous Brown read this is not a biography of the author. Instead it is a look at and a discussion of the lessons that Lewis conveys through The Chronicles of Narnia series. I have always known that this series contained Christian messages and some allegory, although these magical and quaint tales have been enjoyed by those with and without faith. Brown believes there are lessons within these stories that we can all use to bring a little happiness and magic into our own lives.

This book is broken down into twelve chapters all with a title and a message which reflect the lesson covered in each. There are some lovely chapter titles, like ‘Of Mice and Minotaurs’ and ‘Live Like it’s Always Christmas and Never Winter’. I particularly liked chapter 10 ‘The Virtuous Life is a Real Adventure’ which has the message ‘Yes, one that includes real hardship, but one you don’t want to miss’. That is so true! I have always appreciated how Lewis didn’t shy away from putting some upsetting and tough things into his books, because that’s what happens in real life. While you want to entertain children reading you also want them to be aware that life is not always perfect. Of course Lewis also balance his stories well by having hope and those willing to fight to make things better.

As I mentioned at the start, this is the second book I have read by Devin Brown. I am so pleased I gave this book a chance because I had none of the issues I had in the previous book. I found this an easy and quick read which I dipped in and out of; usually I read  one chapter a night tucked in bed just before I went to sleep. I found myself inspired by some of the lessons and comforted by the familiarity and magic.

Bringing Narnia Home was a charming and comforting read for me. I think you’d enjoy this if you love Narnia too. Good read.

Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Have you read this? Or anything else about Narnia or C S Lewis?


2 thoughts on “New Read – Bringing Narnia Home

  1. My son has been asking to watch the Narnia movies for awhile because his kindergarten class read the first book together a few years ago which surprised me because he was only 4.5. He’s 6 now and my youngest is 4, so I don’t know when a good time is to start reading these books with them or if I should just read them myself first. Do you have any suggestions? It sounds like Devin Brown’s book may be a good way to better understand the story and what Lewis was trying to say.

    1. I believe these are books that can be enjoyed with most children. I read them myself, for the first time, between the ages of 5 and 8 years old. I didn’t realise or pick up on the Christian messages, however these stories can be enjoyed simply as charming fantasy tales. Knowledge of the layers and messages can be discovered later which is part of there appeal for me. I have discovered something almost every time I’ve read them. However I would suggest waiting till they were older for the films, particularly the first film which has quite an upsetting scene with the witch and Aslan. I hope this helps 🙂

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