Goodbye November, Hello December 2015

November 2015

Hello my fellow bookworms, I hope you are all well? Sadly November has been a quiet blogging month for me. I spent a weekend away for my mother’s birthday which was lovely but it did knock me out of sequence with my blog schedule. Then I have suffered with two bouts of cold! Leaving me with a fuzzy brain which I am sure you can sympathise was not conducive for writing posts. Good news though I have still been reading and I have had a bumper month of adaptations.

Fiction: 3     Non-Fiction: 2     Poetry: 0

I started the month off with the dark and atmospheric Lamp Black, Wolf Grey by Paula Brackston. A good read which eased me out of the R.I.P X event; that I sadly had to say goodbye to at the end of October. I continued my atmospheric reading with, the modern classic, Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier. Then for something different I also read Allegiant by Veronica Roth; the final instalment in Roth’s popular dystopian, young adult series. My full thoughts on both of these are still to be posted.

Alongside these fictions I also read two non-fictions. First Bringing Narnia Home by Devin Brown, an interesting look at the lessons that C S Lewis conveys through The Chronicles of Narnia series. I thought it was a charming and comforting read. Then I read the short history Alcatraz: A Very Brief History by Mark Black – my full thoughts still to be posted.

Pick of the Month: Jamaica Inn

5 books finished is a good amount for me – only 2 of which I reviewed though. So I need to get typing and you still have 3 reviews to look forward too in December. I also started reading historical fiction Kingmaker: Broken Faith by Toby Clements and The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit; off my Classics Club list.

In December I am looking forward to reading snuggled up in a blanket with copious amounts of hot chocolate … and of course Christmas!

What did you do and read in November? What are your plans for December?


12 thoughts on “Goodbye November, Hello December 2015

  1. Hopefully you’ve had your quota of colds and got them all out of the way at the start of winter!
    Pleased that you enjoyed Jamaica Inn – it’s an absolutely excellent book. I love DuMaurier.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Lynn, I really hope I have had my quota of colds for this winter too! And thank you I am pleased I enjoyed Jamaica Inn so much too. I am looking forward to reading more novels by Daphne du Maurier soon and hopefully I will have my review up even sooner!

    1. Thank you Anbolyn it has been a bummer but I got over my 2nd cold a lot quicker than the 1st. Fingers crossed I have no more! Autumn tends to be when all the germs are going about – I think they die off once the cold of winter arrives! I am definitely looking forward to some cosy reading 🙂

  2. Oh cute cat! Sorry to hear you’ve been ill, hope you’ve got it out of the way now to enjoy the holidays! 🙂 I really liked Jamaica Inn, DuMaurier makes for such great fall and winter reading. Very intrigued by the Alcatraz history book!
    Oh btw, I saw a book called November 9 all over instagram, if you still need a book for the category month from your last post 🙂

    1. Thank you Bina I am feeling better and Bonnie is a cute cat; which is good for her because she is also rather naughty! I must agree Daphne du Maurier’s gothic novels are perfect for autumn and winter. Also thank you for another recommendation for the What’s in a Name? challenge – I haven’t heard of November 9 I will have to go look it up!

  3. I agree with you about reading while snuggled! We recently switched to our winter comforter/duvet and I’m loving the extra warmth when I read in bed on the weekends.

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