Adaptations: November (2)


Hello my fellow bookworms and adaptation lovers, here are some more adaptations I watched in November:

Zoo (2015)          Not Read     TV Series     Television
A new American thriller based on the novel by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. When different species of animals start to show violence towards humans, an unlikely and eccentric group get together to scour the Earth for answers and a cure. I thought this was a really interesting concept, however I don’t think the production quality was as high as it could have been for all the episodes. Okay watch.

An Inspector Calls (2015)          Read     TV Film     Television
BBC costume drama, based on J B Priestley’s play, part of the BBC’s 20th-century literary adaptations series. A mysterious inspector arrives at the home of a wealthy, English family to question them about the suicide of a young, working-class woman. I have fond memories of studying this at school and I have seen the play twice. A quality new production which kept the central message of social justice intact, even though the ending has been tweaked. Plus David Thewlis is a perfect Inspector Goole. Great watch.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015)          Read     Film     Cinema
The long-awaited finale to the epic Hunger Games film franchise, based on Suzanne Collins’ popular dystopian series. Katniss and her friends must make the final, bloody bid for a free Panem. Amazing special effects, spectacular fight sequences and beautiful cinematography – plus more great performances from Jennifer Lawrence and ensemble cast. All in all a strong end to an exciting series. Great watch.

That’s 3 new releases to add to my previous 5 watches this month – giving a grand total of 8 adaptations in November! I am also very close to finishing the BBC’s amazing new series The Last Kingdom (Bernard Cornwell) and the 2nd series of The Leftovers (Tom Perrotta).

Have you watched any of these? What have you been watching recently?


12 thoughts on “Adaptations: November (2)

  1. I’ve not seen any of these – An Inspector Calls seems to be something I would enjoy. Have you seen any of the Whicher series? I watched one recently and was quite impressed with it.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Sadly Lynn I missed series 1 of Whicher, due to watching too much at once, and that knocked me off being able to watch the rest – I did really enjoy the novel though, so would love to watch the show at some point.

  2. I haven’t watched Mockingjay Part II yet. I binge watched season 5 of Games of Thrones and season 3 of Homeland over the holiday weekend because it was free.

    1. Carmen a binge session of watching Game of Thrones and Homeland sounds great to me 🙂 I have just started watching series 5 of Homeland – I have about 6 episodes still recorded so I will be able to have a bit of a binge too! I hope you are able to see Mockingjay Part 2 soon.

  3. I am waiting for Zoo to return; will be very disappointed if it doesn’t. This is one of those stories that you get caught up in. Do you know if it will be coming back?

    1. Hello Kwolf, thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂 It is always nice to hear from a new face. I am pleased to hear you enjoyed Zoo – I have heard a 2nd series has been commissioned.

  4. How did you feel about HG2 compared to the books? It really annoyed me they made it two films because it felt so slow at points in both movies. I would rather have sat through a three hour movie than a pair of two hour movies. And maybe it’s because it was split in two, but the urgency and the feelings I got from the book just weren’t there for me.

    1. Geoff I must admit I wasn’t pleased that they split the book into two films, however for me the final book was the weakest in the series due to the fact I felt it lacked the pace of the previous books. So for me I didn’t really notice a change in impetus from book to film. I do agree though that the film lacked some of the powerful emotions I got from the book – I could have done with more about Petyr getting better through the ‘real’ or ‘not real’ conversations. Overall though the film was so beautifully made and well acted that it was still a great watch 🙂

      1. It was definitely the weakest book and for me too. It honestly felt like they split a single book in half to make the last two books and then they split that half in half to a quarter for the last two movies. But as you say they were very well acted and I did enjoy parts. .

        1. Geoff glad you still enjoyed the acting and parts of it too – perhaps not a film we will be buying on DVD though. Now I am looking forward to the adaptation of Allegiant, the last instalment in Veronica Roth’s dystopian series. I had heard rumours they wanted to spilt that into 2 films too!

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