New Read: Girl Meets Change

Girl Meets Change

As a practicing Christian I like to read Christian literature to help with the growth of my faith and to hear what other Christians have to say. I can also be a major worrier particularly about change so Christian non-fiction Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong seemed like a perfect read for me.

Kristen Strong knows all about change, being a military wife, she has had to deal with her husband’s deployments and she has had to move herself, children and home around the country to different military bases; leaving houses, schools, jobs, friends and churches behind for all new ones. But change does not come easily for her! She has made mistakes, worried, panicked and dreaded the changes that have come her way. Yet along the way she has gained knowledge, experienced that change can be good too, and discovered that her family, love and God is all she really needs; wherever she is.

In this book Strong shares with us her experiences, what she has learned and advice on how to deal with change ourselves. Sharing candidly her own touching life stories and her feelings during them, as well as some poignant and appropriate stories of her friends, family and other military wives. This is all written in a detailed, inspiring and down-to-earth way; like a friend giving you advice. And throughout Strong kept God, prayer and his word running through the stories, through how she dealt with change, and in her advice to us. Offering scripture, events from Jesus’, Esther’s and Joseph’s life and prayers that helped her and could help us too.

Girl Meets Change offers good, practical advice about how a Christian woman can face change – it certainly got me thinking and feeling a little more confident about dealing with change myself. I haven’t read anything by Kristen Strong before however I would definitely be interested in reading more. Good read.

Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Have you read this? Or anything else about change?


6 thoughts on “New Read: Girl Meets Change

  1. I’m probably not going to add this to my’ towering tbr’ because I’m a complete fiction only lover (as you know) but it does sound really interesting and I’m pleased you enjoyed it and more than that it was helpful to you.
    Lynn 😀

  2. Sounds like a helpful read! Not my niche but I think it’s always wonderful to find books that help deal with changes and that are also somewhat practical and personal about it 🙂

    1. Bina this was a helpful read 🙂 While I enjoyed the Christian elements to this book – I understand not everyone will – I also really enjoyed how practical and personal it was.

  3. Sounds an interesting an potentially thought-provoking book for me too, Jessica. On my towering tbr list – thank you.

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