Cookbook: The Hairy Dieters (2)

The Hairy Dieters

Hello my fellow foodie bookworms, here are the recipes I have recently enjoyed from the Hairy Dieters cookbooks, from the nation’s beloved ‘Hairy Biker’ chefs:

Paprika Chips
Book 3 – Real Fast Food – Page 30

These are actually part of the Turkey Burgers and Chips recipe, I haven’t made the burgers yet but these chips have become a firm favourite in our house. They are so yummy and simple to make that frozen chips have been banished! I have also experimented using different herbs/spices depending on what I want to serve these with.


Egg Fried Rice
Book 3 – More Fab Fakeways – Page 97

I regularly make egg fried rice anyway, however I liked how this recipe used less rice and really packed in the vegetables. You could make it as it is or it recommends you could add prawns, left over roast chicken or pork. When I first made this it was still Lent (I gave meat up) so I added prawns since then I have also added chopped up, left over roast beef – both were yum!


Light Herby Dressing
Book 1 – Vegetables & Salads – Page 121

A little light mayonnaise, herbs, garlic, and water with a good mix and you have a tasty, light salad dressing. It is versatile too, as you could add what herbs you fancy or have to hand. Plus easy to change amounts to make for more or less people; I cut the amounts to make myself a nice, simple salad for lunch.


Tomato Soup
Book 3 – Comfort Classics – Page 102

Like many people, I grew up on tinned cream of tomato soup. This is a healthier version – packed full of vegetables and red lentils with a rich creamy texture but no naughty cream. I enjoyed a large bowl then froze 3 more portions for lunches once I am back at work.


Do you fancy any of these? Have you tried any new, yummy recipes recently?


4 thoughts on “Cookbook: The Hairy Dieters (2)

  1. I hardly ever cook from recipe books, usually because recipes are too complicated for a simple meal. But I must say these sound much more straightforward and kinda like the things I actually like to eat… let me know if you ever need a taster! 😉

    1. I can sympathise, as I don’t like overly complicated recipes in cookbooks. So far I found everything I have tried in these cookbooks are tasty, down-to-earth and easy to make; even the more exotic dishes. I will keep you in mind if my father ever resigns from his position of chief food tester 😀

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