Goodbye May, Hello June 2016

May 2016

Hello my fellow bookworms, I hope you are all well? May has been a rollercoaster month for me. From the highs of a glorious, sunny weekend spent celebrating my little brother’s 18th birthday and also many trips to the cinema for all the new superhero films. To the lows of a week of constant rain, a rotten cold and a big disappointment at work. Finally, at the end of the month I am now enjoying the peace and relaxation of the half-term break. Phew! However through it all I have kept up a good steady pace of reading and here is what I managed to finish:

Fiction: 4     Non-Fiction: 1     Poetry: 0

First, I was gripped by historical fiction Turn of the Tide by Margaret Skea that swept me back in time to a terrible family feud in 16th century Scotland. I am really looking forward to continuing the story in the next book, A House Divided. Still in an escapist mood, I next journeyed to the fantasy kingdom of Aedaron for an excellent crime noir adventure in Best Left in the Shadows by Mark Gelineau and Joe King. The 3rd Echo of the Ascended novellas I have read and I can’t wait to continue reading this series with Civil Blood. Then I had a comforting return to the fantastical creation of Terry Pratchett in his 12th Discworld novel, Witches Abroad. Another hilarious adventure; my full thoughts are still to be posted.

Sadly though, I read less classics this month. Only finishing children’s classic The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley – a very surreal tale which took longer to read than I expected; I also have yet to write my full thoughts on it. That means I’ve read 1 book off my Classics Club list this month, none towards the Women’s Classic Literature Event, however I have read 3 books appropriate for the magical Once Upon A Time X event.

Alongside these fictions I also read a political history of Henry IV by Chris Given-Wilson, which was a detailed, informative and interesting read; and it has definitely wetted my appetite to read more non-fiction and novels from this time period.

Pick of the Month: Turn of the Tide

That is 5 books completed in May and I enjoyed them so much I found it very hard to pick my favourite. During the month I have also been dipping in and out of Christian devotional, Let God’s Word Empower Your Prayers by Stormie Omartian. Then right at the end of the month I started reading The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris and children’s classic, The Story of the Amulet by Edith Nesbit.

In June I am looking forward to celebrating our Queen’s 90th birthday, a residential trip away with the children from school, a trip to Nottingham and the start of the 10 Books of Summer challenge. Happy reading everybody!

What did you do and read in May? Do you have any plans for June?


12 thoughts on “Goodbye May, Hello June 2016

  1. Glad you’re better, and that’s a very good number of books considering the month 🙂 Is it bad I haven’t heard of Witches Abroad? (It seems the higher the number in that series, the less likely you are to see them in the shop unless they’re recent releases.)

    1. Thank you Charlie 🙂 It isn’t bad that you haven’t heard of Witches Abroad, there are too many Discworld novels to remember them all. I also agree that shops tend to just stock the most recent or the most famous ones – I find charity book shops are the best place to find these.

  2. And now June is already one week gone! I am reading The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee. Wonderful, historical, about an opera singer in Paris. Happy reading this month!

  3. A good month from the sounds of it! Glad to hear you enjoyed Henry IV – a mammoth read, but worth it, I thought. I’m intrigued to rea your review of The Water Babies – I read it as a youngish child and really hated it. But I suspect though it’s a kid’s book, it might actually work better for adults…

    1. Thank you FictionFan 🙂 I can understand how you hated The Water Babies as a child – I found it to be a very surreal tale. I am finding it hard to sum up my thoughts on it as there were things I liked and disliked about it. Fingers crossed it won’t be long till I get my review up!

  4. I can’t believe it’s June already, and yes just saying this makes me feel old 😀 I’m still convinced you’re planning to be an expert on the Tudors! 😉 Wet, cold days always put me in the mood for escapism, too, I have been watching Miss Marple (the Geraldine Ewan version) in the evenings, so cozy. I love the witches, my favorite characters from the Discworld books, I need to read more of them. Hope you have a lovely, sunny June! Happy reading!

    1. Don’t worry Bina I can’t believe it’s June already either! And seeing my little brother turn 18 makes me feel a little bit old too – I remember holding him as a baby!

      And thank you Bina, I hope you have a lovely, sunny June full of great books 🙂

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