Cookbooks: May – June 2016

Cookbooks Update

My fellow bookworms, there is one other thing I love as much as books and adaptations, and that is food! I am lucky enough to have all four of the Hairy Dieters cookbooks, from the nation’s beloved ‘Hairy Biker’ chefs. I am not looking to lose weight particularly but I do want to be healthier and I love how down-to-earth and well balanced these recipes are.

Hairy Dieters #1Hairy Dieters #2

While the sun has not always been out the weather has definitely warmed up here in the UK, so the time was ripe to try these new salad recipes:

Simple Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad
Book 1 – Lunchboxes & Snacks – Page 186

I have made a form of tuna pasta salad since my basic cooking lessons back at school. This recipe cuts down on the pasta, ramps up the salad content and puts a healthy twist on the dressing. Simple to make, delicious and perfect for lunches and picnics (I have made this twice already).


Prawn Pasta Salad
Book 2 – Along Sides – Page 184

Similar to the tuna salad above, this recipe cuts down on the pasta, ramps up the salad content and lightens up the seafood dressing. Simple to make, yummy and perfect for lunch boxes and picnics – this is another one I will be making again.


My family and I love a curry, we often treat ourselves to a takeaway on a Friday night but they can often be unhealthy and rather expensive. As a replacement these are the latest ‘fakeaway’ recipes I’ve tried:

Chicken Bhuna
Book 2 – More Fab Fakeways – Page 104

A full flavoured, medium heat curry which was a great substitute for an Indian takeaway. A little more practice on the prep and this will be a brilliant staple curry recipe to have under my belt.


Very Easy Thai Chicken and Coconut Curry
Book 1 – Fakeaways – Page 144

I’ve never cooked Thai food before but I thought this light version of a classic Thai curry would be a nice change. They don’t lie in the title either, this was very easy to make and it was tasty too.


Hairy Dieters #4Save With Jamie

I recently got my hands on Hairy Dieters: Fast Food, which is the 4th cookbook, and I am currently reading through Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming recipes from them too.

Do you fancy any of these recipes?

What cookbooks are you reading? Have you tried any new recipes?


15 thoughts on “Cookbooks: May – June 2016

  1. Oh yum, these looks great! I do love cookbooks, I wish many weren’t so expensive. Hadn’t heard of the ‘Hairy Bikers’ but they look fun 🙂 Do they have some good vegetarian recipes? I get a lot of recipes from blogs now, but recently bought one on vegetarian Arab/ME cuisine.

    1. Bina, I can sympathise as I find cookbooks can be so expensive too. I bought all of these cookbooks when they were on deal. I do have a few yummy looking vegetarian dishes bookmarked in the ‘Hairy Dieters’ book, including: stuffed roast peppers and a vegetable curry (I love curry!). However you may be more interested in Saving With Jamie which I am reading at the moment – it has a good, large section on vegetarian food 🙂

  2. I’m not a seafood fan and tuna is too hard because I’d have to fight the cats for it (and I’d lose). But the Chicken Bhuna sounds good and I’d be willing to be your taster for the Thai curry too… 😉

    1. FictionFan, I love your comment about having a fight with your cats over the tuna – as soon as I start opening the tin my cat smells it wherever she is in the house 😀 The Chicken Bhuna was probably the best of all the recipes I tried, although the Thai curry was very tasty too – look out for me trying many more curry recipes because I love them!

  3. I love Hairy Bikers’ recipes as well – they are what I call real food.

    Currently reading some older Nigella’s cookbooks, and The Silver Spoon I’ve got recently. Despite having read many Italian cookbooks I am totally excited about this one 🙂

    1. Hello Marta, thank you for stopping by and commenting – it is always lovely to hear from a new face, especially a fellow foodie. I couldn’t agree more about the ‘Hairy Bikers’ cooking ‘real food’! I also love Nigella and Italian food generally, but sadly I don’t have any of her cookbooks…yet 🙂

  4. I love cookery books too, Jessica, but I have none from the Hairy Bikers. I’ll look out for them!

    (And I’ll get my own list up for the Classics Club very soon – which is how I came across your lovely blog. 🙂 )

    1. Sandra, it is great to hear you love cookbooks too. I highly recommend the ‘Hairy Bikers’ dieter books and all the various cookery shows they’ve done, because they are such an amusing pair together. Also, please let us know when your Classic Club list is done – it would be lovely to see what you choose 🙂

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