New Read: Let God’s Word Empower Your Prayers

Let God's Word Empower Your Prayers

As a practicing Christian I like to read Christian literature to help with the growth of my faith and to hear what other Christians have to say. After finishing Stormie Omartian’s memoir, Out of Darkness: My Story of Finding True Light and Liberation, I dived almost immediately into another of her books: Let God’s Word Empower Your Prayers.

In a previous devotional books, The Power of a Praying Woman and The Praying Woman’s Devotional, Omartian reached out to all women who believe in God and his son Jesus Christ, to make prayer a keystone in their lives. In  Let God’s Word Empower Your Prayers Omartian continues this idea by suggesting themes, prayers and scripture in this devotional that could help both men and women in their daily prayer life.

This devotional is broken down into bite-size chapters that each have: a theme, a piece of scripture to read and consider, then the author’s thoughts and reflections, and finishes with a prayer. I thought this structure helped make this devotional perfect to dip in and out. You could read a chapter each time you had a bit of free time or they could easily form part of your usual daily prayer routine. If you are wishing to start reading the Bible but aren’t sure where to begin this could be a good devotional to help you. I read a chapter or two a night during my prayers before bed. I found it a good way to focus and inspire my prayer about aspects of my life I’d forgotten or not thought of before. My only niggle would be these chapters felt even shorter than previous books, so a few times I was left wanting a little more.

I first discovered Stormie Omartian in 2014 and I have read everything by her I have been able to get my hands on since, this has included: The Power of a Praying Woman, Choose Love, The Praying Woman’s Devotional, a short study guide addition of Prayer Warrior and most recently her memoir Out of Darkness. I have found everything I have read by Omartian beautiful and inspiring, so when I saw this I had to request it. This is perhaps not my favourite of her books because I don’t think it touched me as much as previous more women orientated devotionals but it was still well worth a read.

Let God’s Word Empower Your Prayers was a thoughtful and inspiring read and I still look forward to reading even more by Omartian. I recommend this devotional to other Christians interested in enhancing their personal prayer and Bible reading time. Good read.

Thank you to publishers for providing a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Have you read anything by Stormie Omartian? Any recommendations for other faith literature?


4 thoughts on “New Read: Let God’s Word Empower Your Prayers

  1. I am in the midst of reread Power Of The Praying Woman. My Womens Life Group started this book back in April and I needed up missing quite a few group meetings so I have to reread the book again. Thank you for this blog 💙

    1. Hello Sari, thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂 It is great to hear from a new face and I really hope you enjoy and are inspired by your re-read of The Power Of A Praying Woman; I think its got to be my favourite of Omartian’s books. And, you are very welcome 😀

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