Visit: ICE 2016 – Britain’s Coolest Comic Convention


My fellow bookworms – last weekend, I was lucky enough to head to Birmingham, our country’s second city, with my father and family friends for this year’s ICE comic convention. Last year, my father and his friend also attended this convention as it had a Judge Dredd theme which they both grew up reading in 2000AD. I must admit I have never read a comic however I have loved so many films adaptations that I feel I should get to know the source material better.


We had early bird tickets so could arrive before the crowds and we received a goodie bag. My bag contained copies of Marvel’s Civil War II: The Accused 1, New X-Men (#114-116) and Secret Wars (#7), and Valiant’s Faith (#1-2). I am particularly excited to have got volume one and two of Faith, as I’ve heard good things about it from Bina.


The extra time was needed as well because there were three floors of stalls to browse where you could buy comics, graphic novels, artwork and memorabilia; as well as an interesting talks running through out the day. We attended three talks: one on a new comic and TV series about chimeras; another one on all-age comics; and finally, one on diversity (it’s not all about superheroes).


After a good browse, a yummy lunch and a think we headed back to the stalls to make some purchases. I bought three of Nicki Andrews’ steampunk postcards of Disney characters: Maleficent, Ariel and Princess Jasmine. They are so cool and I have already bought a frame for them. I also bought a copy of the Word for Word Bible Comic: The Book of Ruth created by Simon Amadeus Pillario. While my father bought some very cool/scary Judge Dredd artwork.

Have you read any of the comics I got? Have you been to a comic convention?


6 thoughts on “Visit: ICE 2016 – Britain’s Coolest Comic Convention

  1. I have never been to a Comics convention or read them, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea seeing how much fun you had. 🙂 By the way, I love those postcards you bought, particularly the Maleficent one.

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