New Books: November 2016


Hello my fellow bookworms, my current to-be-read is getting a little out of hand, so this month I have been good and kept my new acquisitions down to just these three review copies:

The Last Day of Captain Lincoln by EXO Books

First, I was contacted by husband and wife publishing team about their debut, science-fiction novel, The Last Day of Captain Lincoln. Described as a ‘soft’ sci-fi focused on the characters and relationships rather than just the technology.

Sandokan, The Tigers of Mompraecem by Emilio Salgari

Next, I was contacted by Nico Lorenzutti about an English translation of the Italian classic, Sandokan, The Tigers of Mompraecem. A swashbuckling adventure and love story; it sounded right up my street.

The Sacrifice: Short Stories Volume 1 by Indrajit Garai

And finally, I was contacted by a close friend and muse of American writer Garai about his collection of short stories, The Sacrifice. I don’t read a great deal of general fiction, but I have enjoyed many a short story collection.

Do you fancy any of these? What new books have you got hold of recently?


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