New Read: 90 Days Through the New Testament


As a practicing Christian, I like to read Christian literature to help with the growth of my faith and last year, when I spotted 90 Days Through the New Testament by Ron Rhodes I thought it might help me to read and understand the Bible better.

Through this daily devotional tour Rhodes wants to help the reader experience the life of Jesus and the early church by chronicling the New Testament in chronological order, thus making it clearer how the Gospels, Acts and letters all fit together. Where as currently the New Testament would be read in order of author and the time it was written, which can mean the time line isn’t always clear. I found this a refreshing and helpful way to view, in particular, the life of Jesus and his teachings. Especially when different Gospel writers’ telling of the same event were placed together – meaning I was able to compare and reflect on the similarities and differences.

Each daily reading includes: a piece of scripture, with the author’s insights on it, a discussion of the major themes within it and the life lessons the reader can take from it. These are usefully kept short and concise so that it is easy to read and reflect on a piece of scripture a day – regardless of how busy my day was I pretty much always fitted in one of these. I also found Rhodes’ insights and discussions helpful, interesting and inspiring, and I highlighted many key points for me to be able to go back too. Within each daily reading there is also included: cross-references and questions for reflection and discussion. Unfortunately, I found these less useful as the cross-references could take a long time to find and read. While the questions seemed more appropriate if you were reading this in a book club or house group.

However in conclusion, I found 90 Days Through the New Testament to be an interesting and useful guide to help me to read and reflect on the Bible on a daily basis, which is exactly what I hoped it would do. Good read.

Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Have you read this? Or any other guides to help you read the Bible?


10 thoughts on “New Read: 90 Days Through the New Testament

  1. What about ease of grouping sections together – if we could cover it in 6 months that would be a good time scale for us.

    1. Margaret, I think you could definitely give it a go as they are only short, however without having tried to group sections together myself I couldn’t tell how well it would work.

      1. Thanks, will get it and have a look – I love the idea of the chronological approach.

  2. This sounds good – you’ve mentioned questions / house groups etc – would the book divide easily into sections for a weekly Bible Study?

    1. Well Margaret it is already divided into 90 self contained sections which you could use for a weekly Bible study if you wanted, although it would take 90 weeks to complete them all 😀

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