New Read: Richard Nixon (A Very Brief History)


In 2013 I collected twenty-one of Mark Black’s A Very Brief History series, yet after reading the ones that most interested me I seem to have lost interest as I have not picked one up since 2015. This was only remedied this year, when I read Richard Nixon: A Very Brief History because I needed a title with a ‘x’ in it for the What’s in a Name 2017 challenge.

Before reading this I knew that Richard Nixon had been president of the USA and that he left office under the black cloud of the ‘Watergate Scandal’. And much like when I read about George Washington I knew little to nothing else about him! What I discovered was an intelligent, hard-working and single-minded character who rose to power from humble beginnings. He successfully served as a Senator, Representative and vice-president. Then as president he oversaw improvements in relations with the Soviet Union and China, and the end of the US involvement in the Vietnam War. Yet these successes would be overshadowed by phone-tapping and other dirty campaign tactics.

I am really pleased I managed to collect so many of Mark Black’s A Very Brief History series, especially as I am pretty certain I never would have read a history of the infamous Nixon otherwise. Which would have been a shame because I actually found him to be a fascinating figure to read about even if I didn’t always agree with his methods. This clear and concise history was broken down into bite-size chapters on: his beginnings; military service; political career; foreign policy; the First Lady; and Watergate and its aftermath. I warn you now though if you already know something of Nixon or American history I doubt you will learn anything from this. I recommend to those, like me, who know little to nothing.

Overall, for me Richard Nixon: A Very Brief History was another quick and interesting read, that I read all the way through in one sitting on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I have ten more editions from this series still to go. Okay read.

Have you read this? Or anything else about Nixon?

What’s in a Name 2017 – 1/6 (title with a ‘X’ somewhere in it)


8 thoughts on “New Read: Richard Nixon (A Very Brief History)

  1. Tragically, I’m old enough to remember Watergate, though I was a bit young to fully understand it at the time. I read a bio of Nixon a year or so ago, and was impressed by how much he actually had achieved – because of Watergate he was always spoken of as a terrible President in my youth. So I’m glad more recent bios seem to be being a bit more balanced about him. Not that I think he should be let off the hook over Watergate, but corruption in US politics was everywhere back then, and it seems as if he was just the one who got caught…

    1. FF, yeah I do like to see a balanced history particularly about such a controversial figure. It reminds me of how we are only just getting a more balanced view of Richard II….perhaps there is something about the name Richard?! 😀

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