New Read: The Servant Queen


Last year, I went to a special service and tea party at a local church to celebrate the 90th birthday of our Queen Elizabeth II, where I received a free copy of The Servant Queen by Mark Greene & Catherine Butcher; a unique tribute published by Bible Society, HOPE and The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC).

The Servant Queen – and the King She Serves is a short and interesting look into the life and reign of Elizabeth II and her strong Christian faith that has helped her to serve her people all her adult life, with an amazing consistency of character; a touching concern for others and a honest dependence on Christ. Which means this book had a double appeal for me as I am a Royalist, with a strong affection for our queen, and I am also a practicing Christian.

There are chapters on: the secret of her long successful reign; her piece in ‘The King’s Speech’; her coronation and the vows she made; her working service; the celebrities and leaders she has met; her Christmas speeches, where she finds strength against adversity and the more fun side to her personality. All of which contain beautiful photographs; inspiring quotes about the queen and from herself; and examples of poetry, art and parables that have inspired her.

As soon as I received this I placed it on my bedside table ready to start immediately, but sadly it sat there for a long time because for one reason or another longer Christian and other non-fiction works took up my time. When I did finally start reading it though, in early February, I was instantly hooked and read it in just two short sittings! I found it to be an utterly charming read for a Royalist and an inspiring read for a practicing Christian.

Overall, The Servant Queen was a quick, interesting and inspiring read – my only niggle would be that I wanted more! Good read.

Have you read this? Any recommendations of other books about the Queen?


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