Adaptations: February 2017


Hello my fellow bookworms and adaptation lovers, here are the adaptations I’ve watched during January and February:

Endeavour (Series 4)
Not Read     TV Series     Television

The 4th series of ITV crime drama based on Colin Dexter’s characters and a prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse series. In 1960’s Oxford, we re-join young detective constable Endeavour Morse, as he throws himself into three new investigations and one cold case in the hopes of forgetting his broken heart. Another gloriously atmospheric and nostalgic watch.


Frankenstein (2017)
Read     Play     Theatre

As one of my favourite novels, I was thrilled to find that Blackeyed Theatre’s new production was coming to my local theatre. The gothic tale of Victor Frankenstein and his monstrous creation was brought to life very effectively, with a strong, small ensemble cast and a fantastic use of an eerie life-sized puppet to represent the creature.


Terry Pratchett: Back in Black (2017)
TV Documentary     Television

Not technically an adaptation however I think this docu-drama about Terry Pratchett – the international best-selling author best known for his Discworld series – is definitely worth a honorary mention. A funny, poignant, fascinating and in parts heart breaking tribute to a wonderful author and man.


I also re-watched two of the wonderful Lord of the Rings films and XMen: Days of Future Past. So altogether that’s five adaptations and one honorary mention watched; another good amount I think. Also this month, I started watching new series The Emerald City, an adult re-working of L Frank Baum’s ‘Oz’.

As for non-adaptations, I watched the BBC’s new gothic Taboo series, starring Tom Hardy as the scary but weirdly likeable James Delaney. As well as going to the cinema to see CGI spectacular The Great Wall and amazing war drama Hacksaw Ridge.

Have you watched any of these? What have you been watching recently?


12 thoughts on “Adaptations: February 2017

  1. I watched the Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit last year… I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to them!

    I think Terry Pratchett: Back in Black was done very well. It was an enjoyable and emotional watch.

    I’m missing Taboo already 😀

    1. Nikki-Ann, I am a little jealous that you’ve just been able to watch Lord of the Rings for the first time recently, although it is wonderful to re-watch too. I am pleased to hear you also enjoyed Taboo and Back in Black too 🙂

  2. My favorite adaptation seen in February was Hidden Figures, about three super smart and feisty black female mathematicians who worked at NASA in the 1960s, based on the book by Margot Lee Shetterly.

    1. Judy, I am pleased to hear your enjoyed Hidden Figures so much – I have seen the trailer for it, which looked good, but I never realised it was an adaptation 🙂

  3. Oh, interesting: I’ve only read one Morse mystery (and, years ago!) but I like the sounds of this series. Recently, I’ve read David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and Toni Morrison’s Beloved, and I’ll be glad to watch both films (although I know many have been disappointed) before too long.

    Normally I’m a stickler for reading first and watching later, but I make exceptions for UK dramas, when I don’t expect to catch up with the series, so I’ve been enjoying “Shetland” and “Hinterland” and “Sherlock” and “Dirk Gently” (for adaptations). For not-adaptations, I’ve been watching “The Expanse” and “Luther” and “The Mindy Project”. In the cold weather, I’m pleased to indulge some extra viewing when it’s less comfortable to enjoy the outdoors!

    1. B.I.P, I love Shetland, Hinterland and Sherlock series, and if you’ve liked them I think it is very likely you will enjoy Endeavour too. I hope you enjoy the adaptations of Beloved and Cloud Atlas. The latter I have heard good things about but I haven’t read or watched either.

    1. Carmen, I am pleased to hear you enjoyed all of three of these. I went to see Inferno at the cinema last year and I was absolutely loving it till they changed the ending! So it ended up being a very good watch but not quite a great one for me.

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