Cookbooks: March – April 2017

Hello my fellow bookworms and foodies, I must apologise that I didn’t bring you an update last month. I’m afraid there wasn’t really anything to update you on! Don’t get me wrong, plenty of cooking was happening but nothing new. Instead I enjoyed some old favourites and had another go at some new favourites, including: Rich Beef and Ale Casserole, Rich and Meaty Bolognaise and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (I used a jar of roasted peppers to speed things up).

Things changed this month, when I found myself craving something new for lunch, so I gave these two recipes by the Hairy Bikers a go:

Split Pea Soup with Ham
Hairy Dieters 2 – Meals on the Move – Page 133

A super-healthy reworking of a classic soup which I found to be tasty, but I expected something thicker and heartier. For some reason it turned out really thin, even though the recipe said it would be too thick and to add extra water after blending! Perhaps I did something wrong?!


Vegetable Frittata
Hairy Dieters 3 – Breakfast & Brunch – Page 20

While I have enjoyed eating frittatas (basically a hearty omelette) before, this was my first time cooking one for myself. I loved how versatile this recipe is on the vegetables you can use. I threw in what I had to hand: onions, peppers and tomatoes. However, as a frittata virgin, I would have preferred clearer timings. Fortunately, even with the slightly over done base this was yummy. So with a bit more practice this could be a great meal; perfect for a weekend lunch or a lighter dinner.


Then on Easter Sunday I had family and friends round for a large celebration with a roast leg of lamb, new potatoes, cauliflower cheese and vegetables, followed by desert and hot cross buns. However one of my guests is a vegetarian, therefore I dug out my copy of Everyday: Granny’s Favourite cookbook for this recipe:

Mixed Nut Roast
Granny’s Favourites – Festive Fare – Page 110

I’ve never eaten let alone made a nut roast before so I was a little nervous about making this. I took my time and carefully followed all the steps and it turned out a masterpiece; if I do say so myself! I would prefer meat (obviously) but this was a tasty alternative and my friend really enjoyed it.


Finally, just last night, I got two portions of Turkey Chilli out of the freezer and this time made the cauliflower rice to go with it:

Turkey Chilli with Cauliflower ‘Rice’
Hairy Dieters 3 – Family Favourites – Page 48

A twist on a classic chilli using turkey mince and chipotle paste, which is simple to make and makes for a delicious change. The accompany cauliflower rice was also easy to make, but while I enjoyed it my dad said “it was an acquired taste”!

Chilli *** – ‘Rice’ **

A slightly mixed result with some of these recipes – generally though I am pleased with the cooking I’ve done over the last two months. I have also now finished reading Jamie’s 30-minute Meals By Jamie Oliver. Sadly I am not as excited about this as I was about Save with Jamie. I think this is because instead of one big hearty dish, 30-minute Meals is more about a collection of dishes to go together. However I have bookmarked a fair few pasta and vegetable sides, and quick deserts I would like to try. Keep your eyes peeled for those coming up. Now I have just Plant Based Cookbook by Trish Sebben-Krupka to read.

Do you fancy any of these recipes?

What cookbooks are you reading? Have you tried any new recipes?


4 thoughts on “Cookbooks: March – April 2017

  1. I do like frittata. Shame your split pea soup wasn’t quite as enjoyable as you hoped – I can only think maybe it had too much liquid?? I’m with your dad with the cauliflower rice, well, it is quite nice, but, it’s also a bit niffy!
    Lynn 😀

    1. Haha I will have to let my dad know he’s not the only one 😀 As for the split pea soup, I am pretty certain I followed the ingredients and amounts word-for-word. I was thinking perhaps it was more the method – maybe a harder simmer than I did?

  2. Split pea soup is a favorite at our house. Also I found a tasty pork stew recipe on line last month when my husband was out of town so I had no one to manage the outside grill.

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