Goodbye April, Hello May 2017

Hello my fellow bookworms, I hope you are all well and that you had a lovely Easter. I spent my two weeks off work catching up on my sleep; watching new and favourite films; writing an assignment; hosting a large Easter Sunday feast and visiting my mum, on the south coast. Weirdly though I didn’t do as much reading as I thought I would:

Fiction: 2          Non-Fiction: 4

At the start of the month, I finished the highly readable Indiana Belle by John A. Heldt, a  nostalgic mystery with nice touches of time travel and romance. It was just what my tired brain needed.

Unusually for me, I found myself more in the mood for non-fiction instead of fiction. First reading spiritual classic Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster for my church’s book club. Unfortunately our group wasn’t able to meet, but it still a good read. I also finished reading Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals cookbook by Jamie Oliver and I devoured Seven Stages by Geoffrey Trease, a fascinating look into the lives of historical figures from the stage. The latter of which I am still to post my full thoughts on.

Then, with only a day to go, I finished reading one more fiction: The People the Fairies Forget by Cheryl Mahoney and one more non-fiction: Angels by Lee Faber. Both of which I am still to post my full thoughts on. That means altogether I have three reviews to catch up with in May.

Pick of the Month: Seven Stages

So altogether I’ve read six books, which is a good amount for me. I have also continued to intermittently listen to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (usually while I do my ironing). But sadly I have made little to no progress with My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier – when I am in the right mood I know I am going to love this.

Looking forward to May, I have several family and friend’s birthdays to celebrate including my little brother’s, so I am hoping to enjoy another trip down to the south coast. And of course, I am also hoping to indulge in more reading!

What did you do and read in April? What are your plans for May?


8 thoughts on “Goodbye April, Hello May 2017

  1. I am excited for you to get in the mood for My Cousin Rachel! Hopefully my April reading post will go up today. Wishing you great reading in May.

  2. My book of the month was School for Love by Olivia Manning though I read several almost as good. I am hoping to read some Willa Cather for the LT Virago group author of the month read. Happy reading.

    1. Thank you Ali and great to hear your reading was so good too; always a good sign when you have a few books to choose from for your book of the month. Happy reading to you too 🙂

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