New Read: Angels

For my birthday earlier this year, my brother bought me a copy of Angels by Lee Faber. Not an author I had heard of before, but the topic was one I was definitely interested in. So when my church’s book club decided to take a break, just before Easter, I decided to read this to fill my faith reading gap.

In the first half of this book, the author Lee takes us on journey looking at angels as they are depicted in religion, history, art, music, films, literature and today. As well as discussing specifically the experiences of soldiers in WWI with the ‘Angels of Mons’. I particularly enjoyed this half of the book and sped through it. As I discovered the books, films and beautiful artwork that contain and/or have been inspired by angels. And I learnt more about angels in religion, not just being part of Judaism and Christianity, but also Islam, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Mormonism.

The second half of the book, was then made up in the largest part by a diverse collection of real-life angel encounters. Surprisingly this is the section I enjoyed this least. I think this is because there really is some very diverse and differing beliefs on what angels are and do. I was looking for inspiration while instead I found generally differing beliefs to my own Christian based ones. However I did then enjoy the following, smaller section on angel names and finally Lee shared some of her angel inspired recipes. The recipes really were a surprise but a pleasant one as food is another big interest for me.

Overall, I thought Angels was a well written, eclectic and interesting look into the beliefs and culture that has grown up around the idea of angels. This has definitely wetted my appetite to read more about these elusive beings. Good read.

Have you read this? Any recommendations what I should read next?


4 thoughts on “New Read: Angels

  1. Angels and fairies are often important to my mental health! I don’t know if they exist in reality but they definitely exist in our hearts and souls! Nice review.

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