Cookbooks: June – July 2017

Hello my fellow bookworms and foodies, with the exception of one wet week the temperatures have been soaring here in the UK, so it was the perfect time to try out these summery new recipes:

Veggie Bean Burgers
Hairy Dieters 2 – Family Favourites – Page 58

Even though I do eat meat, I do love a good bean burger, so for a recent home BBQ I gave this recipe a go. I found them a little messy but easy to make, and they were enjoyed by meat eaters and vegetarian a like. To be cooked in the oven I adapted for the BBQ. While they did stick, more the one use BBQs fault than recipe, they still turned out yummy which is of course the most important thing.


Tuna Salad with Red Onion and Beans
Hairy Dieters 2 – Snacks and Salads – Page 156

The Hairy Bikers’ take on the Italian classic tonno e fagioli: a filling salad made with tuna, beans, red onion, lettuce, parsley and olives with a tangy dressing. I made the full batch of this and portioned it out in tubs for work lunches when it was far too hot for soup! Not sure about the parsley but everything else worked for me.


Now this next recipe isn’t technically from a cookbook, however the Co-op Food magazines have some wonderful recipes in that are worth sharing:

Tuscan Bean Soup
Co-op Food – July Edition – Page 11

A light but filling soup that is packed full of the good stuff, including: onion, carrot, red pepper, tomatoes, beans, kale and broccoli. A delicious and simple to make, one pot of joy which was perfect for an easy comforting meal on one of our cooler weekends.


Finally you may be wondering where is the obligatory curry recipe? Well never fear I certainly didn’t go without curry, however I didn’t try a new recipe. Instead I chose to remake our new favourite Keralan curry. I have also already remade the delicious Beef Stroganoff.

Overall, I think I have had a great month of cooking and I look forward to more. I still have the Plant Based Cookbook by Trish Sebben-Krupka and Super Food Family Classics by Jamie Oliver to read too.

Do you fancy any of these recipes?

What cookbooks are you reading? Have you tried any new recipes?


8 thoughts on “Cookbooks: June – July 2017

  1. This post is making me hungry. I would enjoy the bean burgers. I also eat meat but I do enjoy lots of vegetarian food and actually prefer bean burgers to the meat version.
    Lynn 😄

    1. Haha FF – I sympathise! I gave meat up for Lent one year and it was hard, especially on Sunday when I missed my proper Sunday roast. I did come to appreciate my veggies meals even more though 🙂

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