Challenge: 10 Books of Summer 2017 (End)

While I was on holiday, the 1st September came and went, which saw the officially end of Summer and the 10 Books of Summer challenge. I feel I have had a great Summer of reading, however I also think I blinked and missed it! So let’s have a look at what I actually managed to read:

Sandlands by Rosy Thornton


First of the Tudors by Joanna Hickson


Pyramids by Terry Pratchett


Sandokan, The Tigers of Mompracem by Emilio Salgari


Wendy Darling, Volume 3: Shadow by Colleen Oakes


The White Queen by Philippa Gregory


The Lioness and the Spellspinners by Cheryl Mahoney


Northern Lights by Philip Pullman [Re-Read]


The Girl in the Glass Tower by Elizabeth Fremantle


(While I finished reading these two last books, I am behind on my reviews, so keep your eyes peeled for my full thoughts on them.)

Which means I have read …


I am really pleased with my result this year and while I didn’t quite finish I am up on both my previous years. The only book I didn’t get round to was A Dance with Dragons, Part 1 by George R R Martin, which I chose not to read because I was still watching the newest series of the hit TV series, Game of Thrones, as I feared I might get confused. Having made progress each year and enjoyed some fab reading, bring on next year!

Have you read any of these books? Did you take part in this challenge?

16 thoughts on “Challenge: 10 Books of Summer 2017 (End)

  1. Well done! I failed miserably this year and abandoned it halfway through but I’m still gradually reading the rest of the books on my list. You had a nice range in your list – glad you enjoyed your summer of reading! 😀

  2. You did really well! I’ve read two of your books, both of which I loved – Sandlands and Northern Lights. I also have a copy of The White Queen on my TBR shelves – glad you enjoyed it.

    I tried the 10 book challenge too and read 8 of them – like you that’s a better result than in other years.

    1. Thank you Margaret 🙂 Your thoughts on Sandlands were one of the reasons I ended up reading this great short story collection. Well done on getting your best result for this challenge too and I hope you will enjoy The White Queen 😀

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