Cookbooks: October 2017

Hello my fellow bookworms and foodies, October is the time for spooky, mysterious books and warmer, comforting one-pot-dishes. So first, I got my pie dishes back out and gave these a go:

Creamy Haddock With Broccoli
Hairy Dieters 2 – Real Food Fast – Page 33

After enjoying the Quick Cod and Prawn Gratin, I thought I would try this heartier fish pie made of haddock and broccoli in a creamy cheese sauce, which also has a lighter breadcrumb and cheese topping. A little trickier to make but with a bit of practice I think this will be a nice alternative, especially as the weather gets colder. Good recipe.

The Best Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese
Save With Jamie – Veg – Page 62

Traditional cauliflower cheese bake is a firm favourite in my house, so I was interested to try Jamie Oliver’s take on it, with added broccoli to the sauce and a crispy breadcrumb topping. This recipe raises the humble cauliflower from just a side to the star of the meal – I think with some practice this could be great. Good recipe.

Then while there was no new curry for us this month, I did feed my family’s spicy tooth with this:

All-In-One Spicy Pork and Rice
Hairy Dieters 2 – Family Favourites – Page 71

A scrumptious one-pot-of-joy made up of tender pork, chorizo, spicy rice and lots of veggies. Once all the cutting prep was done this was a super simple dish to cook, which could easily be made on a busy week day. I can definitely see this becoming a family favourite. Great recipe.

That’s three new recipes tried this month. As well as the new, I have been drawn to making comforting and tested recipes, such as: older favourites Beef StroganoffSausages and Rich Onion Gravy and Big Soup, and new favourites Easy Chicken Bake and Creamy Chicken and Tarragon Pots. At the end of the month, during my half-term break, I also cooked up a large batch of Golden Vegetable Soup which my dad and I enjoyed for that day’s lunch, and I still had plenty to freeze in batches for up-coming work lunches.

So all in all, I think I had a great month of cooking. I have now nearly finished reading the Plant Based Cookbook by Trish Sebben-Krupka, in which I have sticky noted lots of great looking veggie soup and stew recipes. So I will soon be starting Super Food Family Classics by Jamie Oliver.

Do you fancy any of these recipes?

What cookbooks are you reading? Have you tried any new recipes?


14 thoughts on “Cookbooks: October 2017

  1. I fancy the cauliflower and broccoli bake – I used to make something similar to that one but added mushrooms as well – not made that for ages but now it’s on the radar…
    Lynn 😀

  2. I just got a book from the library by hugh fearnley whittingstall which is full of wonderful vegetable dishes.I made baba ganoush and a tomato and cheese flan – both delicious

    1. Oo Karen, there is a recipe for Baba Ganoush in my current cookbook read, Plant Based Cookbook by Trish Sebben-Krupka, too, so I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy more delicious recipes from your library book soon 🙂

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