Tough Travels: Snarky Sidekicks

Tough Travels is a monthly meme hosted by Fantasy Faction, which, inspired by The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones, spotlights each month a different fantasy trope for us to compile lists and have fun with. Last month we discussed MENTORS. This month’s topic is:


‘Why is everyone so serious all the time?  Perhaps they need a friend that is there with a quick bit of wit to liven up the day… even if the day is looking to quickly turn to blood.’

Diana Wynne Jones, The Tough Guide to Fantasyland

This was quite a tough topic for me because while I can think of plenty of great sidekicks… I’m not sure I would describe them as ‘snarky’?! However not being one to be defeated, I have had a really good think and here are the ‘snarky’ sidekicks I could think of:

  • Ron Weasley – In J K Rowling’s magical Harry Potter series, Harry’s headstrong and permanently peckish best friend always puts a smile on my face, with a silly quip or with his just plain, outspoken honesty. No sugar-coating from Ron!
  • Rincewind – While this incompetent wizard is a central character in some of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, when we first meet him in The Colour of Magic as the reluctant guide to enthusiastic tourist, Twoflower. His sharp, apathetic running commentary is very funny.
  • Ford Prefect – In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, Arthur’s eccentric and joyfully nihilistic alien best friend can always be relied upon in the darkest moments to chip in with his very dark and off-beat humour.
  • Bronn – Together Tyrion and his pragmatic sellsword friend, in George R R Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series, are perhaps the snarkiest pair ever. In fact they seem to be in competition with each other to be the snarkiest of them all!
  • Tom – Finally how could I forget the smart, witty and fish obsessed talking cat, who is the unexpected companion to loner ‘wandering adventurer’ Jasper in The Wanderers by Cheryl Mahoney. I want my own Tom!

Do you like my choices? Who are your favourite snarky sidekicks? Please link in the comments below if you have taken part in this month’s topic too.

Come back next month for: ELVES.


10 thoughts on “Tough Travels: Snarky Sidekicks

  1. Great list – Ron is such a good addition. And I too would like a Tom – although strictly speaking (as my son is a Tom too) I already have one (just not of the feline variety.
    Lynn 😀

    1. FF, I do think that Legolas and Gimli in The Lord of the Rings films are definitely snarky sidekicks to the ever so serious Aragorn, but I can’t remember if they were as funny in the books?

    1. Nikki, it was in fact The Luggage I first thought of when making this list, but I switched to Rincewind as I thought The Luggage can’t technically make a joke even though it is very funny 😀

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