Cookbooks: January – February 2018

Hello my fellow bookworms and foodies, January and February have continued to be very cold months, which has called for more warming, comfort food. So I gave these new recipes a go:

Super Leek & Potato Soup
Super Food Family Classics by Jamie Oliver
Soups – Page 214

This recipe takes the humble, classic leek and potato soup to the next level with the addition of curly kale. Together the leeks and kale gives us vitamin B3 that helps to keep us awake and alert. Super easy to make, super tasty and super good for us, so win, win! I will definitely be making this again. Great recipe.

Wild Mushroom Soup
The Hairy Dieters (4) Fast Food by Si King & Dave Myers
Soups and Starters – Page 40

A rich, aromatic soup made with a mixture of dried and fresh mushrooms. I found this recipe easy enough to make as a weekday meal for us, however it also feels luxurious enough to serve to dinner guests and they will never realise it is low-calorie! Also you can make it more everyday affordable by using portobello, chestnut or button mushrooms instead of wild. Good recipe.

Cajun Spiced Chicken with Potato Wedges
The Hairy Dieters 1 by Si King & Dave Myers
Grills & Roasts – Page 72-73

Inspired by the spicy Cajun flavours from their trip down the Mississippi, King and Myers’ created this surprisingly low-fat recipe. I decided to try it as a healthier alternative to our usual ready-made southern fried chicken and chips favourite. Final dish was delicious but I found the cooking times a bit tricky, with a little practice this could be a great replacement. Good recipe.

That is another three new recipes tried over the last month and half. Over that time, I re-made The Hairy Dieter’s comforting Chilli Con Carne and their fab fakeway Chicken Chow Mein too. I also got on a cookbook reading roll: finishing the brilliant Super Food Family Classics by Jamie Oliver in January and the brand-new The Hairy Dieters (5) Go Veggie by Si King & Dave Myers in February; so lots more new, healthy recipes to look forward to!

Do you fancy any of these recipes?

What cookbooks are you reading? Have you tried any new recipes?


5 thoughts on “Cookbooks: January – February 2018

    1. Carmen, I think the wild mushroom soup and Cajun chicken were good recipes and with some practice they could be great, As for the chilli con carne that one is a firm favourite with the family already. 😛

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