The Classics Club: Spin #17 Result

This week saw the arrival of The Classic Club’s 17th Spin, which is my first spin since creating my brand-spanking new list. To join in all you simply had to do was list and number any 20 books that remain on your Classics Club list before Friday, 9th March, when the club would announce the winning number. So the results are in and our spin number is…


Which means I have The Tenant of Wildfel Hall by Anne Brontë to read by Monday, 30th April. I am really pleased with my result because I have long wanted to read something by Anne, as I have already enjoyed books by both of her sisters, Emily and Charlotte Brontë.

Now my only dilemma is do I wait till I have finished This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald or abandon the former to start this?!

Have you read this? If you also took part, what was your result?


22 thoughts on “The Classics Club: Spin #17 Result

  1. Are you liking This Side of Paradise? If yes, then keep going, if not, move on and don’t look back. That said, I tend to stick to books to the bitter end even if I don’t enjoy them. Why do I do that? Gee, I don’t know, though last year I DNF one, Tender is the Night by Fitzgerald, by the way. In my defense, it sucked big time!

    1. Carmen, so far I think This Side of Paradise is okay… but after reading Fitzgerald’s other three novels (none of which I really loved) for my first Classics Club list, I feel like I need to finish the set! So I think I need to keep reading because if I stop I don’t think I will come back to it. 😛

  2. I really hope you enjoy this! I’m currently re-reading Jane Eyre and it’s making me think I might have to actually go ahead and create a Classics Club list! 😀

  3. I thought I’d read all the Bronte’s works and yet I can recall nothing about this book at all. It’s a book I own but I think I’ll have to give it a reread. Hope you enjoy.
    Lynn 😀
    PS – just thought I’d mention, the latest Kearsley book is on NG if you haven’t already spotted it there. I know you really like her work.

    1. Thank you Lynn and I hope you have the chance to re-read this too. 🙂 Sadly though I can’t find Kearsley’s new novel on NG… in fact I searched her name and nothing comes up. Not even her previous novels that were one there before. 😦

  4. I hope you love The Tenant of Wildfell Hall as much as I did. No spin this time for me… still reading The Portrait of a Lady (80% done) and then back to the Palliser novels. My vote is to finish the Fitzgerald. It’s hard to go back to a book once you set it aside.

    1. Thank you JoAnn 🙂 And I think you’re right, it is best to finish reading This Side of Paradise first, although I am sorely tempted to start The Tenant of Wildfel Hall after hearing how so many people love it! Good luck with finding time to finish The Portrait of a Lady.

  5. I’ve never read The Tenant of Wildfell Hall so I’m intrigued to hear what you think of it. My vote would be to finish This Side of Paradise first – if I put a book aside halfway through to read another I inevitably find I never go back to the first one. Enjoy your spin book!

  6. I loved The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, so I think that’s a great result! I found Anne’s writing style a bit different from Charlotte’s and Emily’s but I like her books just as much.

    1. Okay Judy, is this meant to be about whether I should wait till I have finished This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald or if I should abandon that to start my spin result? Because reading both at the same time wasn’t an option. Although I do like to have a more modern book and a classic book on the go at the same time, I never have two similar books together.

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