New Read: Hazard of Shadows

Finally, I got round to reading Hazard of Shadows by Mike Phillips, the second book in Phillip’s Chronicles of the Goblin King series, after I read the first book, The World Below a couple of years ago now! (While this is the second book I think you could read this as a stand-alone book, as there is plenty of throwback information from the first book).

This book returns us to a world where enchanted creatures of legend still exist, hidden away from an age of camera phones and government labs in a secret, rubbish-tip metropolis, in caves and tunnels below the human streets. After over-throwing the nasty Baron Finkbeiner, Lady Elizabeth’s champion, Mitch Hardy is the new leader of The World Below, where he hopes to introduce law, order and democracy. However unbeknownst to them all, the ancient faerie, Lord Stokelas and his minions seek to revenge the death of the Baron and recover the mysterious Blade of Caro. Soon Mitch and his friends will be fighting for their lives and freedom against a pack of hellish monsters.

I really enjoyed catching up with Mitch, Elizabeth and the cheeky goblin crew, who are still up to their funny tricks. Most of the story is still told from Mitch’s perspective, but also intermittently from the point-of-view of a new character, Simon Beene, who is a dangerous faerie recently escaped from Lady Elizabeth’s splinter world prison for him. While Beene is not a very pleasant fellow, it is interesting to read about his creepy antics. On top of that we also have a fun, colourful cast of other characters, including: trolls, ogres, minotaurs, weres, vampires and of course a few oblivious humans!

Again, like The World Below, I thought this was written in a fun, edgy style with some good magical elements and creatures; and while there were still some small typos issues they were far less frequent than before. However something new I noticed – and not in a good way – was how the author felt the need to describe the size of every female characters’ breasts! Which I could understand coming from sleazy Simon Beene, but it seemed to bleed over to every male character, including good guy Mitch! Fortunately I was invested enough in the story and characters to read on.

Overall, I thought Hazard of Shadows was another fun and light adventure in a magical world below our feet, but if the odd, new breast obsession continues I am unsure whether I would read the rest of the series. Okay read.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Have you read this? Have you enjoyed other urban fantasy books?


8 thoughts on “New Read: Hazard of Shadows

    1. Lynn, I don’t believe there are currently anymore books, however as this is described as a series and this book didn’t wrap everything up, I presume more books will follow.

    1. Well in this book, yes Judy, as the faeries look human so can blend in with us but they can have powerful, dangerous and manipulative powers over us ‘weak humans’ and even their own weaker kind. And yes pretty much every male character seemed to be talking to the women but looking at their chests!!

  1. I have not read this and I’m still spinning with all the new genre titles. What is YOUR definition of urban fantasy and what makes it different from straight fantasy and magic realism? I would be irritated by the repetitive description too. In Genevieve Cogman’s Invisible Library series, one of the main characters is always mentioning? or thinking about how he would like to “get her into bed with him”. It’s unnecessary and distracting. We already can feel the tension between them. I’m reading Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert and was very cautious about it because anything hyped on Instagram isn’t always very good. LOL! Anyway, I really, really love her way of writing (unique metaphors) and the story is engaging and very creepy…the middle is lagging a bit and confusing, but the main thing I REALLY, REALLY hate is the excessive swearing. It feels lazy and like a cheap trick to make it “cool” or something. There are SO many beautiful, interesting words about there, why use the F word so much? The book would be a thousand times better without those words, or just a lighter hand. Anyway, sorry, I’m ranting. 😉 Ha.

    1. Wow Amy that is a bit of rant lol! However I completely agree! I also don’t like repetitive sexual comments, graphic detail or excessive swearing – I totally get that people have dodgy thoughts, have sex and swear… I don’t need to be bombarded by it in my reading though.

      As for Urban Fantasy, I can’t claim to be an expert but from what I’ve read it has been darker, grittier fantasy stories, which are set in modern, urban settings where magical and supernatural beings live hidden or in an underground scene. Hope that helps!

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