Adaptations: March 2019

Hello my fellow bookworms and adaptation lovers, here is what I watched in March:

Endeavour (Series 6)
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This year saw ITV air the sixth series of this well-loved crime drama, based on Colin Dexter’s characters and prequel to the Inspector Morse series. It is 1969 and with the closure of Cowley police station, Endeavour Morse and his colleagues find themselves spread across the county. Somehow though, they must try to work together to finally find justice for the murdered DC George Fancy and face the corruption that is beginning to emerge within the larger force. Another gloriously atmospheric and nostalgic series. Great watch.

Shetland (Series 5)
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At the same time, the BBC aired the fifth series of this atmospheric crime drama, based on Ann Cleeve’s characters. When human body parts begin washing up along the coast, Jimmy Perez and his team are drawn into another gripping, dark and twisting case, which sees them searching for a kidnapped young African woman and uncovering a ring of ruthless people traffickers. All of which is, of course, set against the beautiful, rugged, isolated backdrop of Shetland. Great watch.

That’s two new-to-me adaptations watched and with no re-watches, my grand total is just two adaptations for the whole month, but what great ones they were!

As for non-adaptations, I watched HBO’s long-anticipated third series of its gritty anthology crime drama True Detective (2019), which stars the brilliant partnership of Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff as detectives investigating a macabre crime involving two missing children. I also finished watching the BBC’s new, spin-off drama Baptiste (2019), which follows former French detective Julian Baptiste – from The Missing (2014 & 2016) – as his old boss persuades him to help in the search for a missing sex worker in Amsterdam.

So all in all it was a very crime packed time for me!

Have you watched any of these? What have you been watching recently?

16 thoughts on “Adaptations: March 2019

  1. I haven’t watched either of those, but I’m about half way through the Shetland books. I really should pick them up again.

    I’m currently catching up on Hinterland on Netflix.

        1. Nikki, the locations in Hinterland were fairly new to me, however in another welsh crime drama, Hidden (2018), I was familiar with a lot of the locations from my many holidays with my grandparents. 🙂

  2. I keep meaning to read the Shetland books – I’ve only read the first so far, and enjoyed it. So I keep avoiding the show until I’ve read them. At this rate it’ll be next century before I get to them… 😉

  3. In March I watched the movie adaptation of The Bookshop, based on the novel by Penelope Fitzgerald. I loved it. A couple nights ago I watched the movie adaptation of The Hate U Give, based on the book by Angie Thomas. It was also excellent.

    1. Judy, I have not heard of The Bookshop or The Hate U Give, but I am pleased to hear you enjoyed both so much. The Bookshop certainly sounds like a film I would enjoy. 🙂

  4. I so have to set time aside to watch Shetland. In the last month I watched Season 4 of Outlander, and Seasons 1 and 2 of The Borgias. All three were outstanding! I’ll be watching Season 3 of the latter, hopefully before the last season of Games of Thrones starts on April 14. I only watched one movie this month: The Mercy, starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz.

    1. While I still haven’t watched any of Outlander, I was a big fan of The Borgias, so I am pleased to hear you’ve been enjoying it too. I haven’t heard of The Mercy but seeing as I love Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz it sounds like I should check it out! Oh and you don’t need to tell me that the last season of Game of Thrones starts this month! 😀

      1. BTW, I learned that Starz is adapting two other Philippa Gregory’s novels; this time on Katherine of Aragon, titled The Spanish Princess. It will start airing on May 5.

          1. Carmen, I hadn’t heard that Starz had adapted another of Philippa Gregory’s novels. I will look out for The Spanish Princess (although I will imagine we will get later in the year), but I am in two minds about watching it. While I enjoyed Starz’s adaptation of The White Princess, I don’t think it was particularly historically correct. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it to help me make up my mind.

            P.s. I hope you enjoy watching Game of Thrones from the beginning – I am looking forward to the final series!

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