Adaptations: June 2019

Hello my fellow bookworms and adaptation lovers, here is what I watched in my busy June:

The Lady Vanishes (2019)
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I spent a wonderful evening at the theatre to see this new stage adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 thriller – based on Ethel Lin White’s The Wheel Spins novel – which is currently touring the UK. This classic tale of English socialite Iris searching for a kind stranger who vanishes on a train, was brought to life by a great all-star cast, including Lorna Fitzgerald (EastEnders) and Matt Barber (Downton Abbey) as the two young leads. I also loved the Nazi occupied Austrian setting twist. Great watch.

Das Boot (2018)
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Then on my night’s in this month, I worked my way through the box set of this new war drama, a sequel to the 1981 film and both based on Lother-Günther Buchheim’s novels Das Boot and Die Festung. Set nine months after the film, the series follows two siblings: translator Simone Strasser stationed in La Rochelle and her brother Frank aboard U-612. A gripping, gritty and intimate look at the war, especially the dangerous, claustrophobic life aboard the infamous U-boats. Great watch.

Altogether that’s two new-to-me adaptations watched. I also enjoyed re-watching Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). Which brings my grand total up to three adaptations watched over the month. As well as those I still have the American fantasy drama Once Upon a Time (Series 1) to complete and I started watching the newest series of the dark, dystopian drama, The Handmaid’s Tale (Series 3).

As for non-adaptations, I eagerly worked my way through the whole box set of the newest series of Sky Atlantic’s glamorous drama, Riviera (Series 2), starring Julia Stiles and the new addition of Jack Fox as a new rakish threat.

Have you watched any of these? What have you been watching recently?

10 thoughts on “Adaptations: June 2019

    1. Thank you Lynn 🙂 I hope you are enjoying Stranger Things too – I haven’t seen it, although many people have told me they think I would like it. I am just reluctant to get Netflix because I feel like I already have too much to watch! Maybe one day. 😀

  1. Live theater and a few adaptations…You’ve been busy! 🙂 I have too. I watched 11 movies in June (5 of them re-watches, all of them released last year): Tomb Raider, Crazy Rich Asians, The Old Man and the Gun, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Deadpool 2, Skyscraper, The Hate U Give, Ocean’s Eight, Robin Hood, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, and Alpha. I also watched 6 TV miniseries: Chernobyl, The White Princess (re-watch), Maximilian (re-watch), To the Ends of the Earth, The Spanish Princess, and Wolf Hall (re-watch). I revisited TWP and Maximilian because of certain characters mentioned in The Spanish Princess. I revisited Wolf Hall to round up the watching of Henry VIII’s first two wives. After re-watching Wolf Hall I realized that, despite The Tudors series’ flaws, which I mentioned in your post’s comments from last month, The Tudors does have some history right, so I’ll keep watching; it may not be terribly exciting but I want to know how it unfolds.

    1. Wow Carmen, that is an awful lot of watching! However did you fit it all on?! From your extensive list, I have only watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Deadpool 2, and, as you already know, The White Princess and Wolf Hall. However I would really like to watch Tomb Raider and Chernobyl. I am also pleased to hear that your re-watches have helped you to enjoy and recognise the history that The Tudors is getting right.

      1. I know, lots of watching. 😀 I watched TV series from Mon-Fri, and 2-4 movies on weekends. Some of the series are 6 episodes or less, so that helped to increase the amount watched as well. 🙂 BTW, I loved The Spanish Princess, and it adhered faithfully to history (from Catherine of Aragon’s looks, which most series haven’t gotten right, to where she stayed during the approximately 7-8 years since she arrived in England to the time she married Henry VIII).

        1. Carmen, I am pleased to hear you enjoyed The Spanish Princess so much and that it stuck faithful to history. I would definitely like to give this series a go, so I will keep my eyes peeled to see if it comes to UK TV at some point. Have you read Alison Weir’s Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen? It is a wonderful portrayal of her.

          1. I have it on my TBR, and I have been thinking on reading Margaret George’s ‘Autobiography of Henry VIII’ and continue with the six wives series by Alison Weir. It may be an extensive project, so I’ll likely accommodate some of those books starting next year. Of Weir’s series I have the first three books.

            1. Carmen, I really hope you enjoy Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen as much as I did, and I loved it! I also thought the second book Anne Boleyn, A King’s Obsession was great too! Then lined-up on my Kindle, I have the next two books: Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen and Anna of Kleves, Queen of Secrets. 🙂

  2. I looked back and it seems I watched no adaptations in June. Unusual for me. I’m glad you enjoyed your watchings!

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