New Read: D-Day (A Very Brief History)

For the last two years, I had a bit of an US politics theme going on in my reading through Mark Black’s A Very Brief History series. However, in March last year, I read my last US instalment which was about Ronald Reagan. I really enjoyed reading the instalments with a common theme. So, this year, I decided to jump back into the series with a World War II theme in mind, starting with the D-Day instalment I had.

Before reading this, I already knew a fair bit about the D-Day landings of the Allied forces on the French Normandy coast, which was decisive in the liberation of France and in ending the war. In fact I didn’t really learn anything new from this book. However I did appreciate reading about a subject, I have learnt about in bits and pieces from various TV documentaries, in one short, concise format. Which helped me to better understand the basic facts and the sheer number of people, boats, weapons and logistics involved.

This clear, fast paced and concise history is broken down into bite-size chapters on: the background to D-Day; the planning of the invasion; the deception plans employed; the use of double agents, the Fortitude Operations (designed to throw the Nazis off where the real landings would be); the build-up to the assault, how D-Day went and the aftermath of it. This style made this a very easy read and would be even more helpful for a reader, who knew little to nothing to learn quickly the main events and essential facts; but if, like me, you have read or know a fair bit about World Ward II and D-Day then I doubt you will learn anything new from this.

Overall, even though I didn’t learn anything new, I thought D-Day: A Very Brief History was another quick and interesting read on a lazy Sunday morning. I will continue with my World War II theme with either the instalment on The Berlin War or Stalin, which are subjects I know less about so could potentially be even better for me. Okay read.

Have you read this? Have you read any other books about WWII and the D-Day landings? 

9 thoughts on “New Read: D-Day (A Very Brief History)

    1. Yes Karen, these would definitely be useful introductions for people. While it wasn’t for me on this topic, the previous instalments on US politics were.

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