Goodbye July, Hello August 2019

Hello my fellow bookworms, I hope you are all well? I must apologise that you haven’t heard much from me recently – this is due to the crazy busyness on the wind down to the end of term at school and then I jetted off for an amazing eight days on the Amalfi Coast (will do a dedicated post about this soon), so I certainly can’t complain really! Here’s what I have been reading:

Fiction: 4          Non-Fiction: 1

I began July by finishing off my read of the Norse mythological fantasy, Runemarks by Joanne M. Harris, which I carried over from June and was my second choice from my 10 Books of Summer 2019 reading list. Then to continue my summer reading, I picked up the wonderful historical fiction, The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory, the third book from Gregory’s popular Cousins’ War series. Finally, I read the charming, children’s classic, A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which was a gentle read – to dip in and out of when times got busy – from my Classics Club list.

Alongside these fictions, I also read the candid memoir Undivided by Christian worship leader, Vicky Beeching about her struggles with her faith and sexuality, which was the July choice for my church’s book club. Unfortunately our planned meeting had to be cancelled – Hopefully we will be able to re-arrange this for after the summer.

Pick of the Month: The Lady of the Rivers

Altogether that is four books read – a good amount considering how busy I have been. Also in July, I made very good progress into the epic fantasy, The Dragon’s Blade: The Last Guardian by Michael R. Miller, and I started reading Christian non-fiction, Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans and children’s classic, The Marvelous Land of Oz by Frank L Baum.

In August, I am immediately off to spend a long weekend with my mum on the South Coast, so it may remain quiet around here for a little longer, sorry! Then once I am back I have an art installation at my local cathedral to go to and my friend’s hen do to look forward to. I also hope I will have time to catch up with your posts and more reading, especially as I am not doing all that well with my 10 Books of Summer reading challenge!

What did you do and read in July? What are your plans for August?


14 thoughts on “Goodbye July, Hello August 2019

  1. Whoa, somehow I missed this post. I think I was suffering from grief over Toni Morrison’s death. Anyway found it in my email this morning. Can’t wait to read your reviews of the books you read in July. They all are ones I have read or want to.

    1. Aw bless you, Judy and maybe missing the post was meant to be, because now you won’t have too long to wait for those reviews, as they should start going up on Tuesday! 😀

  2. I’ll look forward to your post on the Amalfi Coast – I’ve never been but it always looks beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed The Lady of the Rivers!

  3. Hope to see some reviews of the books you read – glad to see Philippa Gregory’s made your “pick of the month”. Also looking forward to some photos from your trip!

    1. Kelly, I review every book that I read, so never fear, however you just might have to wait a little longer than usual while I catch up! Also my photos from my trip will be up imminently! 😀

  4. Gee, you’ve been wonderfully busy! I hope your posts come soon, especially the travel post, as I’m looking forward to your pictures. With so much going on, it’s no wonder that your reading has suffered; mine has picked up the pace, plus I’m watching more TV series and movies than ever (I think 🙂 ).

    1. Carmen, it has been a wonderfully busy time and never fear my travel post is imminent now 😉 Not sure why you think my reading has suffered though: four books is a pretty average amount for me, so is actually very good considering how busy I have been – In fact I have read less on quieter months this year!

      1. Oops! You’re right about the amount read. I must have zoned out! 😛 I guess I read the pick of the month without remembering the tally above and concluded it was only the Philippa Gregory’s one.

    1. Karen, it was absolutely wonderful and yes very busy, but I wouldn’t say overly busy: I was able to do everything I wanted to, as you will see from my dedicated post about it all. 🙂

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