Cookbooks | July & August 2019

Hello my fellow foodies, I hope you are all well. For my regular readers, I am sorry that this post is late. If you haven’t read my What I Read in August 2019 post, I have broken my foot and have been suffering anxiety and low mood, which left me with no heart for blogging. However my mood is improving and blogging seems to be helping. So here are the recipes I tried before my accident:

Salmon Fish Cakes
The Co-operative Magazine

After enjoying the Hairy Bikers’ Home-Made Fishcakes, earlier this year, I thought I would try this Co-op recipe – cut out some time ago – for tasty, healthy patties made with a mixture of mashed Jersey Royal potatoes, onion, wild Alaskan pink salmon and capers. Unlike the previous fish cakes I made, this had a few less steps and actually made a too bigger portion – Probably need to halve the amounts next time! Good recipe.

(I have since made these again – halving the amounts and using some leftover smoked mackerel, as the recipe suggested, instead of salmon, which turned this into a… Great recipe)

Prawn and Chive Omelette
The Hairy Dieters (1) by Si King & Dave Myers
One-Pan Dishes – Page 30

I love an omelette because let’s face it, it is like the best, healthy fast food. After loving Jamie Oliver’s Cheddar & Pea Omelette, earlier this year, I thought I’d try this one from the Hairy Bikers. For this one, you simply add chives into your beaten eggs, scatter with the thawed frozen prawns, and once set, fold and serve! Simple, quick and tasty. I served with a large salad, which made a lovely meal for one. Great recipe.

Healthy Chicken Kiev
New Potatoes, Carrots & Green Veg
Super Food Family Classics by Jamie Oliver
Healthy Classics – Page 90

Jamie has done a fab, super-food makeover on this classic, family favourite: chicken Kiev, by simply replacing the usual butter filling with a lighter cream cheese one. Served alongside boiled new potatoes and carrots, and steamed greens, which are drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice just before serving. Simple and absolutely delicious. My dad says I should definitely make this again! Great recipe.

So altogether that was three delicious new recipes tried. I also remade The Hairy Bikers’ Prawn Pasta Salad (Hairy Dieters 2) several times and Trish Sebben-Krupka’s Spinach and Rice Stuffed Tomatoes. But nothing since because of my accident – Instead I have been kindly cooked for by my dad.

I am not sure if I will continue these posts or if I will incorporate the recipes I try into my newly reinstated Sunday Reflection posts instead. I have time to think while I recuperate anyway and hopefully won’t be too long till I can share with you the new, exciting recipes I have tried once I’m recovered.

Before you go: Do you fancy any of these recipes? What cookbooks are you reading? Have you tried any new recipes?

9 thoughts on “Cookbooks | July & August 2019

    1. Mmm, yes Lynn, salmon and Jersey potatoes are a classic combo and the healthy chicken kievs took me back to my childhood. Hopefully I will be back on my feet again soon and can get back in that kitchen! 😀

  1. All these recipes sound great. I’ve been eating omelets quite regularly since I started eating healthier a year and a half ago. I prepare one with green onions and cherry tomatoes. Sometimes I add a bit of canned tuna and spinach too. I also buy at the store salmon fish patties that seem similar to the ones you described. I don’t know if they contain other ingredients or just plain fish, but we like them because they tend to stay whole after baking, unlike some of Quinoa that I also buy at the store, which fall completely apart.

    1. Carmen, those omelettes you make with green/spring onions, cherry tomatoes and sometimes tuna and spinach sound amazing! 😛 I also sympathise there is nothing more disappointing than fish cake or patties that fall apart.

  2. Thank goodness, at last! I’ve been virtually starving! I’m not a prawn fan so I’ll have cheddar and pea omelette instead, I think, but the fishcakes and chicken kiev both sound delish. I do hope your mood improves soon – tell your dad to be sure and include lots of chocolate-based puddings in your diet… 😀

    1. Haha 😀 I think the Chicken Kiev was the best of a great batch of recipes, but the fishcakes and omelette were delicious too (we’re prawn fiends in my house). And I have been very lucky that friends have come round bearing chocolate gifts 😛

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