Top Ten Tuesday | 12th November 2019

Good morning, fellow bookworms. We have reached Tuesday and that can only mean one thing: it is time for Top Ten Tuesday! A weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, who each week assigns a new topic to inspires us to create a top ten list based on it. This week’s topic is:

Favourite Bookmarks

Well this week is a nice easy one, as I am sure like most avid bookworms, I have a large collection of bookmarks: more then I could ever be using at one time! Here are ten of my favourites:

1. A super cute bookmark featuring little dragons with books by the artist Wayne Anderson, which I picked up in the gift soft of the Chateau de Belcastel in Aveyron, France.

2. A small, magnetised bookmark, which is the most practical and most used as it doesn’t fall out when my book is in my bag. Even better it has my name and facts about it on e.g. ‘From “Yiska” meaning “God behold”.

3. A pretty bookmark that my mum bought me, which is decorated with wax prints of faeries.

4. A sweet bookmark, again bought my mum I believe, which being thicker and with the ribbon has been perfect over the years for textbooks and now cookbooks.

5. A sentimental bookmark because it contains flowers I picked as a child, which my mum then made into this bookmark, with my name on and dated 1997.

6. Another useful bookmark which being made of flexible plastic and with the tag has been perfect over the years for textbooks and now cookbooks.

7. A sweet bookmark, my mum bought me, with a cartoon fairy standing on a pile of books with humorous fairy-inspired titles e.g. ‘Tinkering With Bells’.

8. Not a particularly pretty bookmark, but it is from Browsers Bookshop in Porthmadog, Wales, which reminds me of wonderful summer holidays in my Grandad’s caravan.

9. This little bookmark has an image of the Virgin Mary and Child, which was bought from the giftshop at Santuari de Lluc in Mallorca by my mum on holiday there.

10. Finally, a free bookmark from the Book Depository, that has a cool, fantasy-style castle on it, designed by Book Depository customer, Andrew Cooks from Australia.

Well I hoped you liked my varied collection of favourite and most used bookmarks – Making this list has highlighted to me just how many bookmarks my mum has bought me, bless her! That’s it for now, so please come back next week for another topic and list. Bye for now!

Now over to you: Do you like my choices? What are your favourite bookmarks? If you have also taken part in this week’s TTT topic, please leave a link for your post in the comments below, so I come check it out.

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | 12th November 2019

  1. Some lovely bookmarks. I don’t tend to use them – two reasons, I mostly read on kindle these days so need, and I’m terrible and lose them all the time or leave them in library books – I usually end up with a bus ticket.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

    1. Lynn, I have been very surprised to find I am in the minority with readers/bloggers by having a large collection of bookmarks – Loads of people seem to use tickets, receipts and the like! πŸ˜›

  2. What a great collection – I love that you selected a lot of bookmarks that have memories for you. I have a small laminated paper bookmark with cartoon owls on it that’s become discolored and curled at the end. On the front it says “Whooo loves me?” and the back says “Jesus…that’s who!” and handwritten under that it says “and Dad too!” Pretty sure it was given when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade.

  3. Oh, you have a great collection! I think I must eat them or something because I never seem to have a bookmark when I need one. Post-it notes tend to be my bookmarks – so dull!

    1. Thank you, FF πŸ˜€ I am actually a little surprised that I seem to be in the minority for having a large collection of bookmarks – Many other book bloggers seem to lose them or use other things like you.

  4. I like your dried flowers one a lot, very pretty. My favourite is a bit like that, same size and colour but with sequin flowers. The only problem is its quite thick and would dent any book so I don’t actually use it :/

    1. Thank you, Charlie – the dried flower one with my name on is one of my favourites of my favourites πŸ˜€ And what a shame your sequined flower bookmark is too thick to use – I have a carved wood one like that.

  5. All of these are so adorable but I especially love bookmarks 4 and 7! 😍 I really like that Book Depository one as well coz you can color it in yourself! My friend got one and gave it to me coz she knows how much I love bookmarks Lol great post πŸ’œ

    1. Dini, I am pleased to hear you like my bookmark collection and how lucky that your friend gave you her Book Depository bookmark – they do have some lovely designs, which as you said are left for us to colour in. πŸ™‚

  6. This is a gorgeous collection! I remember those meaning behind the name gifts were everywhere for a while- I had a keyring one (though at a time when I had no real need for keys I just felt grown up having a keyring!)

    1. Thank you, Lilyfae πŸ™‚ I think I have always had such an attachment to my name bookmark because growing up my name was quite rare (it is much more popular now), so I couldn’t usually get any of the name gift items!

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