Sunday Reflection | 17th November 2019

Hello everyone, I’m sorry this post comes to you belatedly – I was away over the weekend – but I do hope this post still finds you all well and here’s what I’ve been doing and how this cold, wet week has gone.

This week, my reading has continued well. I finished reading Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, Sanditon (all ready to watch ITV’s TV series), a good if teasingly cut-short read, and also the short but interesting non-fiction, Stalin: A Very Brief History by Mark Black, which taught me the basics of Stalin’s life and rise to power. Meanwhile I have made good progress into the mystery-thriller The Virgin of the Wind Rose by Glen Craney.

While on the screen, I have continued enjoying the BBC’s highly anticipated, fantasy drama, His Dark Materials, and I finished watching the BBC’s new WWII drama, World on Fire and ITV’s new, period drama, Sanditon. Also I started watching Sky’s trippy, historical drama, Britannia II and Sky Atlantic’s lavish, new period drama, Catherine the Great. But sadly with being away, I missed seeing the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing live.

But missing Strictly was totally worth it for the wonderful weekend I spent away at Otford Manor, deep in the Kent countryside, for a reunion with some of the new friends I made on my holiday to the Amalfi Coast this summer. We had a great time catching up; playing silly games; having a bonfire; and enjoying worship and Bible studies. It was such a wonderful time, it was hard to come away and be parted from the gang again. Hopefully there will be more reunions to come!

Well that’s it for now, as you can see it was a busy but lovely week for me. I look forward to catching up with all of you, probably next Monday, as I am away again next weekend. Bye for now!

Now over to you: Tell me what have you been reading, watching and getting up to this past week?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection | 17th November 2019

  1. I missed the start of his Dark Materials so decided to wait and watch them at a later date. I’ve watched series 3 of The Crown which was very good.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Karen, I was rather enjoying the Sanditon series – even with the sex which I know Austen would never have had – but I was very unhappy with the ending… I can only hope it means there is going to be a second series!!

        1. I don’t remember any sex in his adaptation of Northanger Abbey, but I have in other adaptations of classics he’s done. But actually I could have forgiven the sex in Sanditon, as it was pretty brief, really it was the ending that upset me… or will really upset if that is the end!

  2. It’s a little astonishing to read Sandition and think of this Jane Austen novel that could have been as well known as Pride and Prejudice or Emma, if it had been completed.

    1. I know Christy, it is a little sad to think of what this novel could have been. It was the release of the TV series that prompted me to read it, as at least I could get some resolution to the story from that… well so I thought anyway! 🙂

  3. This past week I had almost all free days after having something going on for weeks on end. So I used that time almost exclusively for reading. I finished four books and that felt so good. I know it will get busy again with the holidays coming so I am glad I took that time for what I love to do the most.

    1. Judy, how lovely that you had almost all free days to indulge in lots of reading! Also you’re right it always get super busy during the holidays, so good to enjoy some reading now before all the visits and socialising starts. 🙂

  4. How lovely that you got to have a reunion weekend with your new friends! I wondered where your Sunday post was yesterday. 😉

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