What I Watched in November 2019

Hello my fellow goggleboxes, I hope you are all well. Although it has been a busy month for me, with two exciting weekends away, I did still manage to get some good viewing in. Here’s what I watched:

Grimm (Series 5) ***
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First, on Netflix, I was able to catch up with the final series of one of my favourite shows: the magical, crime drama Grimm, whose characters and creatures are based on the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Another fun and twisting series, that also had some real drama and edge-of-your-seat moments for the great cast of core characters we have come to love and who all have such brilliant chemistry together. I am really going to miss this show!

The King (2019) ***
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Also on Netflix, I watched the newly released historical drama, The King, which is inspired by several plays from William Shakespeare’s Henriad. A dramatic, bloody re-imagining of Henry V’s glorious victory at the Battle of Agincourt. Apparently French historians charge it with being riddled with historical inaccuracies, but seeing as it based on Shakespeare what were they expecting?! Let’s face it, he’s better known for his artistic licence and theatrical flourishes!

Sanditon (2019) **
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Then after finishing the book, I binge watched Andrew Davie’s new, period drama, Sanditon, which is based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel. It was lovely to have young Charlotte Heywood’s trip to the new bathing resort fleshed out further. And even with the couple of sex scenes, that I don’t think Austen would have approved of, I was really enjoying myself until the end… What was with that end?! It better mean there is another series to come. If not, I am going to have to belatedly through my TV out the window!

That’s three new-to-me adaptations watched, and as I didn’t enjoy any re-watches this month, my grand total is still three. Not bad, not bad. I also started watching the BBC’s highly anticipated, fantasy drama, His Dark Materials and the BBC’s relatively unadvertised period drama, The Name of the Rose.

As for non-adaptations, I was gripped by the new WWII drama, World on Fire (2019) on the BBC and I binge watched the boxset of Sky Atlantic’s lavish period drama, Catherine the Great (2019) on NowTV. While I have also continued to tune in (most) Saturdays for my glitz, glam and sequin fix with the BBC’s current series of Strictly Come Dancing!

Now over to you: Have you watched any of these? What have you been watching?

11 thoughts on “What I Watched in November 2019

    1. No, I haven’t watched The Durrells, but I spotted the boxsets of it on Netflix and I am very tempted to start watching, especially as I really like the actress Keeley Hawes. As you’ve been binge watching it, I presume you are enjoying it. 😀

  1. I only watched 3 movies in November. That is low for me but I guess I was busy reading! We are now 4 episodes into the new season of The Crown. It has been hard to get used to the new actors, especially Olivia Coleman as the Queen.

  2. I had no idea BBC made The Name of the Rose adaptation, I gotta check that out! What did you think about His Dark Materials? I wanted to watch it but I saw lots of negative reviews

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