Sunday Reflection | 8th December 2019

Good morning everyone and a blessed Sunday to you all. I hope this post finds you all well. A bright, cold week has passed here in the UK, in a blur of work (which has been tough), Christmas shopping and recovering from a niggling cough and cold. Now it’s time to reflect on what I’ve been reading, watching and doing over that time:

This week I have been reading the science-fiction, classic The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, all ready to watch the new TV adaptation, and the faith non-fiction, No God But One: Allah or Jesus? by Nabeel Qureshi, a follow up to his brilliant Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. I also finally got my review of the dark, atmospheric historical-fiction, Her Kind by Niamh Boyce posted, which I know a few of you were looking forward to.

While on the screen, I have continued enjoying the BBC’s highly anticipated, fantasy drama, His Dark Materials and their new period drama, The Name of the Rose. I also finished watching Sky’s trippy, historical drama, Britannia II. And of course, I got my glitz, glam and sequin fix with Strictly Come Dancing. In the semi-final last night, my absolute favourites were Emma & Anton’s glitzy Cha-Cha and ethereal Waltz. Also Kelvin & Oti’s Quickstep was good fun. However I was still gutted not to have Alex & Neil after they were knocked out by head-judge Shirley in favour of Chris & Karen…

Meanwhile as I still had the lingering remnants of that pesky cough and cold and a hard time with the kids at school, I didn’t do much else in the week. Instead saving my energy for my dad and I’s yearly trip for our big Christmas shop at Merry Hill shopping centre. And it was a successful trip, where I managed to break the back of my shopping for the big day, leaving only a few smaller gifts to pick up, and then wrapping and card writing. I also treated us to a scrumptious meal (chicken and mushroom curry, salt and pepper crispy chicken and fried rice) from Yangtze in the food hall.

Well that’s it for now, as you can see it was a pretty tough week for me, which ended on a high though. Now I am off to get ready for our Café Church service at my church, after which I have a planning meeting with the ladies that help to run our kids’ club. Then with my dad and grandad away, I have an afternoon all to myself – I think I might start getting the Christmas decorations up. I look forward to catching up with you all next Sunday. Bye for now!

Now over to you: Tell me what have you been reading, watching and getting up to this past week?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection | 8th December 2019

  1. Congratulations on getting much of your shopping done! I’m sorry to hear the cold is hanging on, though. Hopefully it will be history by this time next week.

    I had an over-abundance of tart green apples, so I’ve just pulled an apple pie from the oven. It smells wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Kelly – In fact my cold has already gone, although now we are trying to dodge the stomach bug going around school!

      And, ooo an apple pie fresh from the oven, yum! We made apple crumble with the kids at school today and ate it together at lunch time. 🙂

  2. Sorry your cold has hung on from the previous week, and that you’ve had a tough time with work, but hopefully things will be a bit easier this week. At least you don’t have too long to go now before breaking up for Christmas.
    On a lighter note, is this the first year Anton has reached the final of Strictly? In the years when I watched it, he had become something of a running joke amongst viewers, so it is good to see he has a decent partner this time around.

    1. Thank you, Alyson – I am now feeling a lot better. Although now we are trying to dodge the stomach bug that’s going round the school! Thankfully only a week and a bit till we break up for the holidays now! 😀

      And, yes Anton has reached the final of Strictly this year, but not is first there was one other time he managed it. It has otherwise been a running joke that he gets all the terrible contestants – He must have the patience of a saint, bless him!

  3. I hope this week is better for you. I was thinking of you a few days ago as I watched the movie version of A Passage to India. It does capture the book quite well. When I used to teach, the kids always became impossible as the holiday season approached.

    1. Thank you, Judy – the kids are getting tougher and tougher the closer we get to the holidays. Thankfully only this week of lessons left and then we have nice activities and trips next week! 😀 I am also glad to hear you enjoyed the film adaptation of A Passage to India – I look forward to reading and watching it. 🙂

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