Top Ten Tuesday | 10th December 2019

Good morning, fellow bookworms. We have reached Tuesday and that can only mean one thing: it is time for Top Ten Tuesday! A weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, who each week assigns a new topic to inspires us to create a top ten list based on it. This week’s topic is:


As I always do when offered a freebie week, I looked back over the extensive backlog of TTT topics to see which ones I have missed and fancy giving a go. This time I have chosen from last year the 376th TTT topic:

Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest and I Still Haven’t Read.

Like most avid readers, who have overflowing e-readers and bookshelves heaving under the weight of our ever-expanding TBRs, there are always those books that forgotten or pushed aside as shiny new books grab our attention. Here are ten such books from my own mountainous TBR:

1. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel – The award-winning, historical-fiction about Henry VIII’s right-hand man, Thomas Cromwell. I was so excited to read this when I bought, so except maybe the length of it I have no idea why I haven’t got round to it

2. Demon Seed by Dean Koontz – Science-fiction, horror recommended to me by my dad. I think being a horror has put me off reading this, but since really enjoying Koontz’s thriller Innocence, I feel I should perhaps be brave and give it a go.

3. Drood by Dan Simmons – A fictionalized account of the last five years of Charles Dickens’ life. Again I was so excited to read this when I bought, but this time I can safely say it was huge size of it that put me off.

4. A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan – The thrilling, fantasy memoir of Lady Trent, which combines adventure, dragons and the Victorian inquisitive spirit.  I know it sounds sooo me! But it has lay forgotten, at the back of Kindle TBR folder for far too long!

5. The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart – A fantasy novel which is the first book in Stewart’s Merlin quintet based on Arthurian legend. I have slightly put off reading this till I have all the books ready to go, so once I started I can read them one after the other.

6. The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick – A time slip, one of my favourite genres, from a new-to-me author, that I downloaded on a whim, after reading some great reviews of it. But sadly since then it has lay forgotten, at the back of Kindle TBR folder.

7. The King’s Concubine by Anne O’Brien – An earlier historical-fiction from my go-to author for my historical fix, which unfortunately keeps getting pushed aside every time O’Brien releases a shiny, new book!

8. Harry Potter and the Curse Child by J. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany – The extremely popular, two part play based on Rowling’s original story, which continues her famous boy wizard’s adventures as an adult. Why haven’t I read this?! The lovely Lynn even sent me her copy. Sorry Lynn! I think it’s because I was waiting for the hype to calm down, but let’s face it I don’t HP hype will ever calm down!

9. The Ill-Made Knight by Christian Cameron – An historical-fiction, which if I am honest has been hidden away on my overcrowded bookshelves, until my recent re-arranging, for so long that I have forgotten what it was even meant to be about!

10. Thinner by Richard Bachman (a.k.a Stephen King) – Finally a King horror thriller, recommended to my by dad. Let’s face it, it is still stuck on my TBR because I am a big chicken, who is still too scared to read it! I mean King’s fantasy series was scary for me, so what would his proper horror be like?!

Now over to you: Have you read any of these? Are there any you think I should read like now? If you have also taken part in this week’s TTT topic, please leave a link for your post in the comments below, so I come check it out.

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | 10th December 2019

  1. I did this prompt as an alternative a few weeks ago and it really helped me find some books to put at the top of my list for next year that had been waiting on my shelves for too long. I hope you get to cross some of these off soon!

    My TTT

    1. Thank you, Dedra and I am pleased to hear doing this topic helped you to find some books to put on the top of your reading list for next year too. From people’s recommendations in the comments, there are definitely a few books from this list I will be prioritising next year now. Also thank you for linking in your TTT post this week. 🙂

  2. I think you’ll enjoy The Phantom Tree. It’s my favourite of the three Nicola Cornick books I’ve read. I keep meaning to look for some of Anne O’Brien’s earlier books too – I’ve only read her newest ones.

    1. Thank you, Helen – I think I will definitely need to prioritise The Phantom Tree. And maybe next year, we will both have the chance to try some of Anne O’Brien’s earlier books. 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, I feel this post so hard! It’s so easy to overlook books once you own them and they’re not shiny, new releases anymore. Or maybe that’s just me and my short attention span? Lady Trent would make it onto my list, too! I’m torn between wanting to read it and fall in love with it, but also … what if I don’t love it? I *should* love it. The pressure is real, so I’ve sort of been avoiding it. xD

    Here’s my TTT post.

    1. Well Sammie this list is proof that you are not the only one to have a short attention span. Maybe we’ll both be able to finally start reading the Lady Trent books next year. Also thank you for linking in your TTT post this week. 🙂

  4. You should definitely give Wolf Hall a shot if you’re at all interested in the reign of Henry viii, and are prepared for a slightly more human portrayal of Thomas Cromwell. The Cursed Child is worth reading as well for the sake of completion if nothing else. I can’t say I was exactly wild about it, but it wasn’t dreadful.

    1. Thank you, Alyson – I am definitely interested in reading more about Henry VIII, but more importantly I haven’t read much about his right-hand man, Thomas Cromwell. So I will definitely be prioritising reading that next year. Maybe won’t rush to The Cursed Child though. 🙂

    1. Thank you for highly recommending Mary Stuart’s Merlin/Arthur books, Patrick. I really must make starting Stuart’s series a priority next year! Also thank you for linking in your TTT post this week. 🙂

  5. Wolf Hall is so, so good. If you have read anything about Henry VIII, you will love her take on the monarch. Also, with help from the good old internet, I got a tour of British castles. And what Henry did to the Catholic church is horrific but she really tells the story of how he did it and then continues that story in Bring Up the Bodies.

    1. I have read and watched a fair bit about Henry VIII, Judy, and the more I read the more Henry doesn’t come off well, which is why I was so keen to read this. I know very well about the destruction of the Catholic church, and while I agree with the split from Rome and the translation of the Bible to English, it does make me very sad about how it then went about robbing and destroying monasteries and abbeys.

  6. I’ve read three. The Koontz novel was so long ago, I don’t remember the plot. The Phantom Tree was in recent years and I remember enjoying it very much. Interestingly enough, I just got a used bargain copy of The Crystal Cave to complete my set. I read (and loved) them years ago and somehow lost the first book. It’s a series I’ve seriously considered reading again. (I’ve just looked and see that there was a fifth book I never read)

    1. Kelly, great to hear you’ve read three off my TBR list and remember enjoying two of them. I think I need to make reading The Phantom Tree and The Crystal Cave a priority next year! 🙂

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