No God But One: Allah or Jesus? by Nabeel Qureshi

In the schools’ February half-term break, I finished off my long-term read of this Christian non-fiction, No God But One: Allah or Jesus? by Nabeel Qureshi: the hotly anticipated 2016 follow-up to Qureshi’s bestselling Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.

In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Qureshi shared his dramatic, personal journey, that led him to leave Islam and decide to become a follower of Jesus. While in this second book, No God But One, Qureshi shares what he discovered in that journey, through a thorough and careful comparison of the evidence for Islam and Christianity – evidence that ultimately wrenched at his heart and transformed his life and beliefs – hoping it will help others make this important decision. Inspired by the fact,

“Every year, millions are faced with a dilemma: To follow Islam or Christianity, to worship Allah or Jesus. For many, the stakes are high: their decision can cost them their families, their friends, their jobs, and potentially their lives. It’s not simply a matter of believing whatever seems right. They need to be sure, and they need to be sure it’s worth the sacrifice”

To do this Qureshi tackles the big, important questions at the interface of Islam and Christianity, including: How do the two faiths differ? Are the differences significant? Can we be confident that either Christianity or Islam is true? Many understandably believe that as two monotheistic faiths: believing in the same, one God, that they would have more similarities than differences, but from reading this book, my eyes have been opened to how very different their tone and message are.

With the analytical style of this book, it is of course less emotional than Qureshi’s conversion story in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. However I was pleased to find there are still some nice personal touches, as Qureshi shares some stories from his life and ministry; by casting new light on current events; and exploring pivotal incidents in the histories of both religions. Which altogether makes this a gripping and thought-provoking book, that is also respectful as well as challenging.

In conclusion, I thought No God But One: Allah or Jesus? was, although a little slow, a gripping and fascinating book! Sadly the author, Nabeel Qureshi passed away in 2017, so we can’t look forward to more of his insightful books. However there is still one more book of his I have not read: Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward, which I hope to get a copy of in the near future. Great read.

Now I’d love to hear from you: Have you read this? Or have you read any of Nabeel Qureshi’s other books?

11 thoughts on “No God But One: Allah or Jesus? by Nabeel Qureshi

  1. Thanks for your review. I am curious about conversion stories. For me, people are free to believe as they wish as long as they aren’t too ardent about pushing it on others. Qureshi seems to be more on the side of sharing his experience.

    1. You’re welcome Judy and yes, Qureshi is definitely about sharing his experience but not in an ardent or pushy, instead in a way to help other people who find themselves torn in their beliefs.

  2. As you know, I read and enjoyed Qureshi’s first book. You’ve convinced me to add this one to my wishlist for future reference. I hope you’re able to get a copy of his final book.

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