Top Ten Tuesday | 31st March 2020

Good morning, fellow bookworms. We have reached Tuesday and that can only mean one thing: it is time for Top Ten Tuesday! A weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, who each week assigns a new topic to inspires us to create a top ten list based on it. This week’s topic is:

Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover (basically, people know you’re a book lover because… i.e., you’re always carrying a book or two, your library card broke from overuse, etc.)

This is not an exhaustive list and I am sure there are other signs too, but here are the top ten signs that I think mean you are a book lover:

1. You’re Never Without a Book – When you head out, where ever you’re going, there is a book tucked in your bag or uploaded to your chosen reading device.

2. You Stay Up Late into the Night Reading – Sometimes a book is just so good/gripping that you find yourself reading long into the night/into the wee hours of the morning!

3. You Check Out Other People’s Bookshelves When You’re Over – You’re friend leaves you for just 5 seconds and they return to find you absorbed in their literary collection.

4. You’re That Friend Who Gives Books as Presents – Many of my friends and family thankfully like to read, though not as much as me, but I will make them read more!

5. You Turn Down Plans to Finish a Good Book – Oh you know you’ve done it! A work colleague or friend asks if you want to go for a drink after work and you’ve had to make a polite excuse…

6. You Own More Than One Bookshelf – I now have three bookshelves… and they are starting to look rather full!

7. You Have a Large Bookmark Collection – Most likely, if you’re like me, you will have an unnecessarily amount of bookmarks. I have more than I could possibly use!

8. You Have Strong Feelings About Writing in Books – Like Marmite: you either love it or hate it. I hate it!

9. You Get Too Emotionally Invested in Book Characters – I’ve been known to keep reading until I know a character is okay, because I wouldn’t be able to sleep otherwise!

10. You Love Sniffing Books – Don’t pretend you don’t! Whether it’s that musty old, well loved smell or that fresh, crisp new smell, we all do it when no one’s looking.

Now over to you: Do you agree with my book lover signs? Do you have any other signs that you think make you a book lover?

Also if you have taken part in this week’s TTT topic, too, then please leave a link for your post in the comments below, so I can come check it out.

26 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | 31st March 2020

  1. Oh! Someone who mentioned bookmarks! I know so many readers who don’t seem to use these, but like…I have such a nice little collection and even buy them as souvenirs when I go on vacation! I lost it at #3, I will definitely snoop around their book collection without a second thought. Haha, all of these are so relatable! I love it!

    Here’s my TTT!

    1. Hello Hollie, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is always lovely to hear from a new face. 😊It is also great to hear from a fellow bookmarker lover – I was pretty surprised by how many book lovers don’t also seem to share my bookmark collecting bug! 😃

  2. I agree with many of these but especially 2.3 and 8. Especially 8! When I’m Queen of Bookworld, villains who write in books will be banished…

  3. I’ve done #3. A couple of Christmases ago my cousin who I don’t see much was hosting, and when I walked in I was immediately drawn to their bookshelf which was by the door. they had some of the same books and that was so awesome to see haha!

    And yes I need more bookshelves!

    1. Oh yes Greg, it is even better when you find a friend or relative that has the same taste – Having the same books to discuss or may be some new books to borrow?! 😁

    1. Hello Lauren, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is always lovely to hear off a new face. 😊 Thank you for being brave enough to admit you sniff books – Confession is the first step! 😆

  4. I’ve seen your #1 on almost every list I’ve read today. You’re just not a real book lover if you can leave home without a book (or two or five). I almost always carry a physical book or my iPad, depending on what I’m reading that day. If I happen to forget a book, I’ll go with my last resort – my phone. I’d rather read off a teensy tiny screen than not read at all!

    Happy TTT!


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