Sunday Reflection | 10th May 2020

(My cat waiting for me to come out and enjoy the sunshine with her)

Hello everyone and a blessed Sunday to you all. I hope this post finds you all well. A warm and sunny week has passed and now its time to reflect back on what we’ve been reading, watching and doing over that time:

This week, I finished reading the gripping, gothic romance and family saga, The Loving Spirit by Daphne du Maurier, out in the glorious sunshine, for the upcoming Daphne du Maurier reading week (starting Monday, eek!). I am now all set to continue my du Maurier reading, by going back to where my passion for this author all began, with a re-read of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, and to follow that up with a re-watch of the classic Hitchcock film, too.

Also this week, I continued to dip in and out of the classic, The Professor by Charlotte Brontë and The Favourite: Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough by Ophelia Field. Then in my Holy Bible reading, I finished the book of Acts and I am now working my way through the book of 1 Kings, as well as dipping into Exodus, Luke and the Psalms, as part of my church’s Morning Prayer livestreams.

Only one movie night this week, which was on ‘May the Fourth’ and that was to watch the very disappointing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; although as many Youtubers my dad likes have said ‘The Fall of Skywalker’ would be a more apt title! Very sad for such a great saga to end in this muddled mess of a film. Oh well, I will just have to re-watch the originals to cheer me up!

Sadly it continued to be a poor viewing week, as my dad made me watch to the end of the bleak, dull-as-ditch-water, man killing fest that was the third season of West World – How could such a great show fall so far?! Thank God for the fourth season of the supernatural drama, True Blood and the back-catalogue of the British archaeological series Time Team, that has saved my viewing from total disaster. 😅

This week, I was back to working from home full time, but still only for four days, as this weekend was an early May Bank Holiday to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Sadly no street parties to celebrate in my area, however it was a lovely sunny day, so enjoyed spending all day in the garden with my dad. In my other free time, I have continued to relax with books, TV, relaxing yoga; sunbathing; live-streams from my church; jogging and cooking.

While here on the blog, I shared the new review books I have got my hands on, so far, this year; I took part in the weekly meme WWW Wednesday; and, with the end of April and the start of May happening the week before, this week, I shared my round up of my April viewing.

Now that’s all folks! I look forward to catching up with you all next Sunday. Where ever you are in the world, I hope you and your loved ones are well: staying healthy and happy. God bless and bye for now! 🙏

Now over to you: I’d love to hear what you have been reading? Have you watched anything good? And how have you been spending your time in isolation?

I have linked this post into the weekly meme, The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer.

31 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection | 10th May 2020

    1. JoAnne, it was so lovely to be out sunbathing and reading in the garden, however it is very good I took full advantage of it, because the weather has taken a chilly turn this week! 🥶It sounds like it is high time for a re-read of Rebecca for you, too! 😊

  1. I’ve just finished Simon Reeve’s Step By Step audiobook (it always takes me a while because I listen while in the bath or car… and I’m not in the car much these days!).

    1. Nikki, good to hear you finished listening to Simon Reeve’s Step By Step – I hope you enjoyed it, even if it took longer because you’re not going anywhere in the car or not going very far anyway. I really should get into more audiobooks for my long car journeys to go see my mum – Well when I am allowed to do them again, of course! 😅

  2. May the 4th completely seemed to pass me by – I didn’t even crack any Star wars jokes – drat.
    Lovely to read in the garden and enjoy the sun – multi tasking, and with good company.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Haha 😆Sorry to hear no Stars War jokes were cracked on May the Fourth! And it was so lovely to be out sunbathing and reading in the garden, with my fur baby – It is very good we took full advantage of it because the weather has taken a chilly turn this week! 🥶

  3. Isn’t it nice to read on a sunny day? Ahhh….I finished A Room with A View last week and have been spending evenings rewatching all episodes of Call the Midwife on Netflix. I am on season 8 and am so grateful for the way it takes me out of the stresses of life right now, I might start all over again!

    1. Laurie, it is sooo nice to read on a sunny day! I am so pleased you have found watching Call the Midwife helps take you away from the stresses of life right now – That is what like watching Time Team is for me. I also hope you enjoyed A Room with a View – I am looking forward to reading it after loving Howards End. 🙂

    1. Hello Judee, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is always nice to hear from a new face. 😊 I am sorry to hear you’re stuck in a high rise, but pleased my photo of my garden cheered you up. I really need to start watching Lucifer! I hope you have a good week and look forward to catching up next Sunday. 🙂

  4. Your cat has the right idea. 🙂 And it’s been sunny here too and nice, although a bit on the cool side.

    I was wondering how Westworld was this season. that doesn’t sound good lol. And I feel much the same way about Star Wars- the newer movies have been disappointing to me for the most part.

    I really need to watch the Hitchcock film!

    Have a great week!

    1. Oh yes my cat knows how to enjoy herself, Greg 😅 and it is really good we both took full advantage of the beautiful weather because, like you, it had turned pretty cool now! 🥶 As for my viewing, it is reassuring to hear from others that it is not just me who was disappointed with the new Stars War film and if I was you, I wouldn’t bother with the new West World season as it was even worse than Star Wars! And thank you, I hope you have a great week, too!

    1. Thank you, Nicole – Working from home is strange and quite hard considering I am so use to social interaction, however it is good to still have something positive and productive to focus on. And yes, it was great to a gloriously sunny day off! 😎 I hope you are well and are having a good week. 🙂

  5. Those outdoor photos look great. I’m glad the weather has been good at your end too.
    I haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie yet, but I have heard some very dissapointing stuff about it. I’m not sure I’m going to watch it to be honest. I love Star Wars, seeing a dissapointing movie would be so sad.

    Stay safe and happy reading.

    1. Maureen, if you’re unsure about watching the new Stars War film and would be sad to watch a disappointing film, then I wouldn’t bother watching it. I know no one who loves Stars War who has actually enjoyed it! 🙁 And thank you, I hope you stay safe and enjoy your reading, too! 😊

  6. What a lovely back garden view, Jessica:). Yes… we also rented The Rise of Skywalker and sat through the whole film without caring for any of them. It was quite upsetting – my life has been punctuated by the thrill of watching many of these films and yet, here I was, struggling not to yawn and wondering when it was going to end! Thank goodness for books like Rebecca – which is such a classy read:)). Have a great week.

    1. Thank you, SJ! 😊Also it comforting to hear it is not just me who didn’t enjoy the new Stars War films – I completely agree: I didn’t care about any of the characters and couldn’t wait for it to be over! So sad! But yes, thankfully had some great, classy books to make up for my poor viewing. 😁

  7. Your backyard looks lovely and inviting and your kitty definitely has the right idea. Its a sunny Sunday here and cooler than normal, which for my part of the country can only be a good thing this time of year!

    Hope you have a great week ahead of reading and viewing, Jessica.

    1. Thank you, Kelly! 😊 I am so pleased to hear you had a sunny Sunday that was cooler than normal for you. It is good a took full advantage of the beautiful weather here, because it has become quite chilly here 🥶, although still quite sunny and bright. I hope you’re having a great week of reading and reviewing, too!

  8. Yeah, I haven’t watched hardly any of the new Star Wars since I heard they were pretty disappointing. I actually like the Alfred Hitchcock version of Rebecca better than the book. Enjoy your re-read and viewing! Have a lovely week, Jennifer! 🙂

    1. Rachel, I rather enjoyed the not-so-new-now prequel Stars War films, but sadly this new sequel trilogy is pretty poor all round. As for Hitchcock’s Rebecca film, I would say I love it equally with the book, which is high praise from me, because the only other films I can say that about are The Lord of the Rings. I hope you have a great week, too! 🙂

  9. I love your outdoor photos. I miss having a yard or garden. We do have a courtyard here, but can only go out at scheduled times.

    I am grateful for online streaming!

    Enjoy your upcoming week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thank you, Laurel-Rain and I am glad you love my outdoor photos, but it is good I took full advantage of the beautiful weather over the weekend because it has turned rather chilly now! 🥶 I hope your having a good week and take care. 🙂

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